New Horizon – Get my own means of transport to work


I work pretty far from my home in mathematical terms that is an estimated 11kms to be exact. In a normal world, that’s a walkable distance and it should not last more than 30mins unfortunately for I don’t live in a normal world. I live in Uganda and we run on different rules but chasing the same goals.

Uganda has one of most privatised public transport sector that also happens to be the most inefficient in terms of carrying passengers to their final destinations. Everything is run on a laisse faire basis and that means every man for himself God for us all.


From taxis to motorcycles also called boda bodas they drive in their own lanes, charge their own prices increasing them when they feel like and when they run into traffic police they calm them down in their own language. For me, it would not be about the amount charged or how frequently they play with the actual fair they want to charge clients on any given day.

My problem is the little regard they have when it comes to the passengers time wasted trying to fill the taxi before driving to the next stop. They even have it in their right to reverse to pick up a passenger who indicated that he/she was not interested in their ride. When it so happens that they get extra would be passengers at a stop your are instructed not requested to share your sit with this excess passenger.

What annoys me is that some time back there was a plan to introduce public transport buses and their selling point they would not stop at bus stops to fill but pick passengers and move on. Unfortunately, we scampered their efforts to preserve the ill-mannered non-caring privately run public transport system that we have now. So as I sit in this taxi ride I hope 2017 is an actual new horizon that comes with my own transport means to commute to work.

New Horizon




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