It’s Not This Time of Year Without…

It’s Not This Time of Year Without…  LUWOMBO which is a traditional dish of Baganda a kingdom in Uganda. It is both a royal dish and a fairly common dish cooked especially during the holidays. It was originally created in 1887 by the personal chef of Kabaka Mwanga, an interesting king who ruled the kingdom of Buganda (Uganda region where the country got its name from) at the end of the nineteenth century.


The banana leaf used for luwombo, must be fresh, young and without a tear. Clean the leaf with a clean, damp cloth and leave on clean surface in the sun for about 25 minutes or more, so that it becomes limp. Next, carefully, smoke leaf over dried banana leaves without allowing leaf to dry out.

Cover the chicken with a small, clean piece of banana leaf. Carefully gather the top and sides of the luwombo leaf and tie them securely together with a piece of banana fibre, well above the mixture. Neatly trim off the ends of the leaf above the knot with a sharp knife or pair of scissors. Place luwombo carefully, over food to be steamed. Cover well with banana leaves and a large saucepan and steam steadily for 3 hours or more.

This dish can be prepared with beef, chicken, pork or goat and smoked fish. Cooking in banana leaf is actually what gives this dish that unique taste. Luwombo can be served with mashed plantains popularly known as matooke or other staples and fresh orange or passion fruit juice.


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