Ethical code for famous people should be for politicians

How I wish the ethical code we held for footballers and other famous people who spend all their lives being just mere famous people living life in the gazettes and magazines we read, find in the places we travel is the one we held for our politicians and leaders the world would be such a beautiful place.

Politicians will demarcate out alligiances along all manner of lines that best serve their interests, turn us against each other and we shall happily queue up as requested without qualm or defiance. A celebrity regardless of grade says one thing out of the ordinary and we throw the moral code book at them.

How can s/he say that? what line of thinking is that? we shall brand him a moral decadent of the generation and try as hard as we can to keep our children away from them? May be its because famous people don’t feed us like politicians do because when food is involved we are not different from the bacteria in our guts. On such topics, we fight for our corners to the death and keep the ethical code book away where the sun never shines.

Every year we vote them in, recycle others and when the ones who didn’t want get in we turn around and brand them not our leaders but never mount any efforts to actually take them out or keep them on any leash. Instead we normalize them into statesmen, we are told to give them an open mind and remember to always be positive even under bad leaders. If the worst comes to the worst we either join them or hope time does what we cant do and take them away.

Famous people on the other hand represent perfection that many times we normals have failed to replicate in our lives so when we see them soil it it irritates the inner us, we cant stand someone spoiling such a perfect picture. A picture of the person we failed to be and will never be and when we see one going astray we cant help but try to cut a moral path for them back onto the right track.

Unfortunately in unjustly throwing around the ethical code book we keep the wrong people on the leash while those meant to be on the leash roam around destroying everything everything that we thought the famous people represent but they actually don’t.


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