Michael Ross Was My Idol, Now I want To be better Than Him – Rising Singer Dannie Blezz #UgBlogWeek

There is always that one person who you look up to when growing up. Such people impact our lives in different ways, often times in a good way. The same was the case for upcoming singer Dannie Blezz who grew up desiring to be like Michael Ross, a local RnB singer.

“I saw him as unique and I wanted to do what he did,” Dannie Blezz who was born and raised in Mbale town, eastern Uganda reveals. But now that he has managed to breakthrough as an entertainer, Blezz, original name Dan Wamono Mugirya, has shifted his focus from being like Michael Ross. He wants to be bigger.


“Now I look up greatly to American singer Jason Derulo; the way he sings, his stage presence, his dancing, and diverse talent,” Blezz who released his first album in August explained. The title of the album is Muntu Wange. He has two videos out and another is coming before the end of year.

His artistry is diverse. On the album which has nine well produced songs you will find RnB, afro pop, dance hall songs and a fusion of African sounds. Like many of singers in the country, his major topic that he sings about is love and social issues.

He plans to keep writing his own music and making sure that whatever he sings stems from the heart. He truly believes that what he has to offer the world is something new and fresh as he is a triple threat too…being able to sing, dance and play an instrument.


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