Everyone is a troll on social media 

Watching the debate in Europe over who is trolling who and who has not been trolled is a little annoying and it’s a classic case of a feather in your neighbor’s eye than the log in yours. This has resulted into the state riding the thin line between free speech and tolerating opinions different from hence ending up policing  those murky streets we thought they were our own.

Social media by its nature has been termed as the last frontier for citizens out there to say what they think without having to visit the nearest police station for police authorization. It’s a reason why most posts about rants on issues and topics we deem ignored by the state or when a state department disappoints you head out on twitter and rant your brain empty. This sphere is not supposed to be policed by the state since they have dipped their hands in nearly everything but inadvertently we are encouraging them to come take a look and they have instituted a sea of new laws and African will follow soon.   These very laws are now being abused by those it was meant to protect as they are going out en masse to point at anyone as long you have a different opinion from there’s and branding you a troll which was not the spirit of those laws when they were enacted.

Unfortunately for us the internet works on different mechanism with different rules than real life and those very tools that bring us together don’t have the mechanism to keep us in check on how we behave or how we are perceived to act. If your opinions on social media is meant to reflect who you are then once you login into your account you automatically become a troll simply looking at the opinions of others linked to your account. Unlike in the past when those random thoughts and barbs remained in your head or were whistled away among your group of friends who share influences like yours however on the internet once you post it you can’t change it and the internet has a habit of not forgetting.

See when you login all information starts to flow some interesting other boring while others are plain boring you have all these buttons inviting you to comment or reply usually without background information about the subject matter.   One of the biggest strength of social media is also its biggest weakness. Its ability to enable you to interact with strangers but never setting the ground rules. What is okay in your community is not acceptable in mine unfortunately I don’t have to live a day in your shoes to comment once I see it expect a reply very soon. By interacting with a stranger not only are you simply conversing with him you are also entering their world. S/he expects you to see things his way or to be better than him or her which modern life is taking away from many of us as we start to look at things from those we deem influencers and big wigs.

Unfortunately Real life rules don’t apply on social media no one is there to protect you and when you padlock all you posts then its stops being social media because posts are meant to be read and shared. This has armed everyone with a megaphone to say whatever they want which has led to a battle for influence reflected by retweets, likes and replies and number of followers trailing you to nowhere.

When you remain silent someone else imposes there rules, changes the truth on even subject matter you are well conversant with sparking a back and forth war and before long labels of trolls are being thrown around or labelled at people. This is because social by its nature elevates everyone’s opinion as the gospel truth and those with a sea of followers are the bishops of this perceived intellect and when this line is crossed or proven wrong you are baptized a troll or reported to the nearest police station. Either on the defensive of our views or on the attack unfortunately social doesn’t love the defensive. It likes those who are on the attack through retweets and shares making the defensive the weaker of the argument and pray for trolls pit there on the prowl.





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