Why the future for host cities for Olympics just keeps getting shorter and shorter 

Watching the Olympics in Rio over the last seventeen days I have gotten fascinated with the cost of the games called the extravaganza of television. The Olympics are like that party you attend and it’s not the food that always grips your mind but rather the numbers floating around that were blown to put on the show several zeros here, other zeros over there and even more zeros from the other corner. It’s something that comes up pre tournament and after the tournament yet despite the games being in their 31st edition only two can qualify as profitable.

At every games of the Olympics commentators ask why put up all these facilities that will turn into white elephants after the games are done. However what many people don’t raise is that the games gave a secret that many don’t know exist. It so happens that the Olympics have a manual that stipulates the specifications for each game, how many spectator cities to avail per game, the size of the media center the list continues.


Its not just a matter of ticking off locations for an Olympics size swimming pool here, an athletics stadium in this town but taking into account details like where will the spectators sit, the media centers which after all is said and done will leave the budget ballooning out of proportions. All this because the IOC insists these have to be put in place for each that stand at around 40 games and growing.

I have also heard of people ask then don’t move the games around instead have advocated for  a permanent home for the games but a simple thought of that would simply go against the very mantra of the games that screams unity, diversity and togetherness. Any shift away from this means the  games turn into quadruple something something not the Olympics because its such games that carry such symbolism.

If you have ever organised any events no matter how small they are you are sure how quickly those numbers can fly through the roof. Even if several checks and balances are put in place a budget is like a can of worms once its out placing then back becomes an impossibility.

However in my view, the problem is not the budget spilling over however the IOC to whom the organizing committee is organizing the games for insists the host city foots any budget short falls. This means the host city has to run to its tax payers and in these tough economic times no one wants to see their money footing a TV extravaganza whose return is a small cut of the TV revenue, and the hard to explain benefits of tourism I live near and I have never touched those dollars all I see is white people walk into the park and walk out. One city when the IOC insisted they sign up before being awarded the games they put the issue to a vote and the people screamed no to the games.

Basically the way the IOC treats host cities is the way your five old treats you when its a birthday she won’t care where the money to fund the games comes from all she wants is a birthday fit for fairy tale princess. All you get in returns is hugs and kisses until next time she is throwing another party then the bill is shifted to another unfortunate soul. Unfortunately for the IOC they are hell bent on their game specifications the queue for potential host cities just keeps getting shorter and shorter.


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