Cricket scores and the unreadable text indicating time and score of the game

When Wenger and Jurgen Klopp combined to Criticized Mourinho for spending 100 million on a player his reply was punctuated by talk of specialists. He wanted specialists whose only job was to solve areas of the team he deemed weak and would be liabilities throughout the season not bulk signing in hope of the best. Watching the game between the latter managers ending in a thriller four goals to three one wonders who really needs some bit of specialism. The team that goes all out on the attack and forgets to cover its defense leading to a cricket score or the one that wakes realizing its insulting to ship three from a direct rival in the first fixture of the season.

This was a game between two teams that have marked defensive fragilities no wonder their preseasons have been punctuated by cricket scores either when they are shipping in goals or when they’re the ones scoring the goals.

Take Liverpool after beating one opponent four they shipped four In the next game after making few squad changes meaning the first team is far off detached from the team that played the previous game.  In the opening fixture after having the game in control they still afforded to supply their fans with a nervy ending to the game. Then there is Arsenal that is still addressing that illusive problem even when it’s written in the stars they need a defender but what they can afford to do in the meantime is dilly dally and simply be linked with defenders who don’t belong to them. If they have any senses may be this score gives them an opportunity to actually concentrate on the problems that plague their teams because they are crystal clear for everyone to see.

If cricket scores is something they intend on displaying this season they would have helped we who are having issue with the strong colors that blur vision thanks to the new branding by the premier league that makes visibility of the small texts on screen impossible especially the score in the right hand corner and test that appears indicting changes. This new look is not friendly why did they have to design it that much placing two colors that are not in sync with the font color. On top of this the text indicating the score was reduced making readability nearly impossible especially if you are sitting in a large hall where resolutions fall several times over. That section should be revisited instead of tampering with it either they increase the font size and reduce the opacity of the back ground colors for better readability.

Then the text at the bottom of the screen that flashes indicating substitutions, final scores why did they have to reduce that too. Take today’s game against Bournemouth the maroon color on top of was black small text that is not well contrasted. It is one of the changes that just doesn’t make sense. The whole point of that text is for us to read not to look at a color band that is forcing us to strain our eyes to make sense of. My hope is as the season pans on they will try to contrast that area of our screens there is no way we are going to strain our eyes to make sense of the score on the TV screen.


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