Notes from mourinho’s inaugural press conference

There are not many times a manger hits all the right notes on his maiden apprearance let’s face it even at job interviews where we know the owner of the company slipping up is a must but not Jose Mourinho. This press conference not only gives a sense of what to expect but also reason to see if he has changed from the manager we have known all these years in the business. Sure enough some things he has changed but with others his become more entrenched than ever even defending his ways than before and here are my take away from his press conference

‘I was never good hiding behinds words and philosophies. I was always much more aggressive in my approach’

This could be interpreted as a jibe at our old master Louis van Gaal and his supporters who barricaded themselves behind philosophy skipping the key word you have to have an output after all. With Mourinho is going to be smash and grab all through and with the added power you are either with him or out of the door. Gone are the experiments game after game, players will be chosen with one deliverable the score nothing else. If things don’t work he will chop and change till his getting what he wants. Excuses of we are working on it, we were unlucky will be thrown out of press conferences something that in the DNA of Moyes, Van Gaal and had even crept into the players queue all post games conferences since Ferguson retired.

Wayne will be a 9, a 10, a nine and half but not a 6 and not even an 8’

I didn’t know what to make of this one could be a kick in the behind for Wayne to pick himself up after performances of the last three seasons where every is wondering how he even got that contract did he have something he used to arm twist Moyes we don’t know.  However this could be a thinly warning from the boss too if he doesn’t deliver there are not many options but a place on the bench since the other places are reserved for other players who specialize in those positions.

‘Need specialists not multi-functional. I want specialists and we decided four targets from this four we have three’

Unlike seasons back even under Ferguson Manchester united are clear with their transfer strategy for the first time in years and are going for the players who will strengthen that so called spine united has missed forever queue a striker, defender and winger the missing bit a central midfield your mind can now run wild. It also means united will be done with their transfer dealing early enough for the team to gel so he can see who to kick off and whom to retain which is refreshing for a team that has spent the last few years chasing everyone in the market but signing none.

This also hints at the power over transfers he yields at Manchester united where he is now an equal to the powers that be unlike his old teams where he was told who was coming and who could be leaving the club. Look at last year’s signings at Chelsea, there is no way those were Mourinho signings. At Manchester United he will decide or be in agreement with other powers at who comes in which could be a good thing on one hand however it spells doom for utility players like Blind who was used mainly a multi-functional player does this mean his out of the door. I hope not

‘Last time I won a trophy was one year ago, not 10 if I have a point to prove, imagine the others’

For a manager who got sacked having over seen the worst league start in the last ten years of a top flight team you could think his retired his guns for safe keeping behind the freezer but nope that’s not Mourinho styles. His gone on the attack even before a ball is kicked and this is on the back of quotes saying he won’t rub shoulders with a certain Gaurdiola remember that interview I guess he was lying expect the random knife fight in the tunnel when things aren’t going well once in a while during the season.

Plus in his eyes a trophy is not the FA cup, carling cup but the league and probably the champion’s league so expect Manchester united not to build for the future but to head in straight for next season’s league crown even though the hot favorite is a certain citizen with a bald head. Mourinho has it in him to ask a few questions

‘Injury record very low I don’t promote youngsters because I need but because it’s my decision’

When van Gaal got sacked everyone talked about the gems he had given opportunities martial, Rushford, Mensah etc. but strangely enough amidst this praise was the curious fact that these only got chances when the senior’s players were injured. Once fit it was back to default settings playing the more established members of the squad. Thanks to van Gaal’s record or none of it this went unnoticed under the radar but Mourinho his attacked it first-hand.

There is a curious reason why over the last three years none of those young stars promoted by the different managers has gone to establish himself in the team.  Mourinho even though he promised to follow the club legacy he has promised youth will be promoted but only if they are ready not a case of fillers that have blinded us to the fact that probably these kids went as good as predicted. Look at Mecheda, Januzay players who promised a lot but suffered still births because they shone at the time when the team was limping not that they were real gems.



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