Choose passion before money when making investments

A kid came to me last night asking for advice on something that had been disturbing him for the last few months. Initially he didn’t say what he wanted then after brief silence he said he wanted to make an investment that will generate him quick money to which I said go and place a bet at the betting house payoff is usually after 90 minutes at least that’s what their adverts and billboards say.

He laughed and said I mean i seriously need advice so I asked him what kind of investments he had in mind to which he said a cyber café and a video gaming parlour. Mh not bad all his interests are within his age group and the times his is living in. His just in his early twenties at least by his looks and his problem was which one he should choose from the two that makes the most money which is the caveat MONEY QUICKLY two words which I don’t like especially when making investments.

By definition the whole point of one investing his hard earned money is making a return off it but like the definition all you see is the money. It becomes worse when in school, the local gazette, and the richer members of the community are investors and businessmen not your public servant, salaried employees who have to wait for money that comes once a month business men theory is make money nearly every day. However from my experience it’s okay to invest with the sake of trying to make some money back but the reality is behind the numbers someone boasts of in the evening is hard work, dedication and passion for a subject, for that line of work you want to invest in.

It’s a mistake many people especially the young do when making investment decisions no wonder after a year we have nothing to show for our efforts. Someone gets into a business, sinks in money but everyday money is simply burning away instead of thriving off it. It’s partly cultural, partly not having enough information about your investment choice however for me the most crucial element is passion something we always ignore when its clutch time on what to invest.

I remember when I made my first investment I thought of the money first and got my fingers burned it was supplying soft drinks way back in primary school at break time. So my next project when I started it I didn’t even have a resell value to it nor an investment it was me stepping out to do something I liked.  I started taking random photos of friends at campus parties and events and at the end of the day I would even give away the photos free of charge in soft copy to be uploaded to their facebook pages, and other needs and before long they were bugging me for hardcopies of their photos since many were not into social media their hard copy albums stood supreme to which I finally attached a price to each unit after calculating all my expenses.

When party goers saw me counting few shillings after parties everyone jumped in the act and got themselves a camera and competition began on the playground all it takes to take a photo is a still camera that are super cheap these days and a party plus people posing before it. At parties we were like common photographers you see at wedding parties all trying to milk the market jumping all over each other but it was not long before the so called competition fell off reason being while I prioritised the quality of my photos and whom I photographed they chased the money photographing en masse and when the money didn’t come as expected the quarrels and fights started. Fellows who used to joke started playing hide and seek with each other because they had not paid off while me who didn’t chase the money I picked my clientele with an eagle eye not en masse always reminding myself it’s the photo not the guy in front of the camera and the money in my head.

It’s with this experience that I used when choosing my next investment I chose my heart and passion over the money and I have sound sleep. Everyone who comes by opens and closes because behind the money there are tough decisions and only passion can help toughen you up when the going gets rocky. I wish more people were taught this when in school and not this whole idea of people cherry picking investment after investment that keep closing shop and opening on the same streets with the same outcomes.


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