Why Mourinho should be the only super star Manchester united sign this summer transfer window

There are a lot of ironies about what I feel now that Mourinho is on his way to Manchester United the fact that the secret was hidden in plain sight, that I strangely feel sorry we had to let go of Van Gaal even after he won the FA Cup even though it was not a priority after that season to forget. The fact too that the manager can’t seem to sign because his entangled in the most Modern thing about Modern football image rights there was a time it was the reserve of the likes of David Beckham the club screaming his signed the contract extension but image rights not yet back then I didn’t mind that’s what footballers do, they are models before you insert the word ROLE.

Today you would expect a manager with no job who got sacked and got publically shamed on his former employers television channels to get a phone call in the morning and be seen conducting training or some semblance of that in the evening but this Mourinho a brand coming to bed with a brand that has spent the better part of the last few years ensuring the brand even gets bigger. From one clause to another the negotiations just keep getting longer and longer and the wait on our end continues on and on.

I have no problem with that you lay your bed you sleep in it and if you are worthy like he is why complain however when the dust finally settles I hope Mourinho is the only super star that signs at least during this summer transfer window. I say this based on our last few summers where we have flirted every form of superstar around from Di Maria to Falcao, blockbuster endorsements to Van Gaal himself at least in the managerial sphere and his record and every time the stop button is pressed on this drab song called Manchester united post Ferguson retirement Manchester United football club are the ones losing on the pitch. It’s a state of affairs that over the last three seasons had me walk around with an imaginary placard calling for LVG’s and Moye’s head since we seemed to be doing the same thing never learning any lessons but still wishing for the best.

Even now Mourinho has not been confirmed but shirt numbers and players are already being linked to Manchester united and they are not your lowly player coming through they don’t come bigger than Zlatan. In another world his signature should be a blessing to any team but the Manchester united right now where the problem is the pitch not the brand a part of me hopes Mourinho is the only superstar we actually sign at the end of the day. The focus can then will go back to the pitch not questions like was that the right signing at least until next summer or January.


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