Being a football fan is like walking blind in love

The closest you can ever come to the small ideal that love is blind is when you are a football fan diligently following a football club. Very rarely do we choose the teams we support unlike today someone can claim to support the hottest team at the moment. I have been a united fan for now 20 years and I don’t remember choosing them it’s like they chose me.  I for sure didn’t choose instead I fell in love with the team playing on my old man’s black and white television set because of the play, the never die attitude they carried to each match and the swagger.

And like any relationship there can be rainy days and it’s in such days that your partner always decides to wrong you so bad that you want them to feel a little pain but the problem of your partner feeling pain is that it always comes back to hurt you. Your conscious is it worthy to see your partner in pain and that is what it means to be an ardent follower of a team.

If you asked me what the best time for Van Gaal to leave Manchester united it was not better than yesterday during the FA cup. One big chance to win a trophy he messes it up and his out of the door but wait a minute that’s my hope the reality is very different. I didn’t want Manchester united to lose but also I didn’t want them to win either and this was compounded by his substitution of Fellaini for Herrera I remember one united fan simply storming out cursing Van Gaal has cleared lost it Manchester United was bound to lose. My heart was racing not that this would mean united was definitely going to let go of Van Gaal but its Manchester united losing here not Van Gaal.


A loss would surely nail the coffin in Van Gaal running experiment at Manchester united however a loss against an Everton team that got hammered four goals to nothing during the Mersey side derby and has failed to win away for the bulk of the season plus the amount of missed chances by Manchester united during the game now imagine the amount of trolling from the supporters of other teams, horrible.

However a win would only strengthen the bargaining position of Van Gaal and his supporters that his tactics are working, he would feel emboldened deem himself worthy for even for even more time. That’s a scenario you don’t want to go through once more after all the high hopes of this season that came crushing down in a huge heap bad decisions, denial and ineptness’s at best.

Away from Manchester united take the Arsenal fans who are plotting to walk out of the game in the 75th minute because the team is hurting them, then at that moment Sanchez pulls of one of his mesmerising runs and scores a solo goal do you follow your head and walk out or follow your heart to see what more magic he would pull.

Another scenario was the Liverpool walk out at the 77th minute if you look closely at the pictures of all those fans walking out there heads were out of the door while their hearts and eyes on the pitch. This is because following a team is not about using your brain; we don’t choose the teams we support but fall for them like falling in love and sometimes love can hurt like crazy.


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