The rains will surely bring a change in fortune

When your only working projects are the ones that are lying in your head life can be frustrating sometimes. Every day I check my email religiously in hope of replies for the job applications I send, mail to family and any other funky stuff from the many subscriptions over the years my subscriptions looks like fodder for comedy some informative others question my IQ but don’t worry about the details.

Everyday nothing changes first thing in the morning I  type in the Gmail url to login, type in password and then the press enter and wait for the page to load. I have done this ritual so many times I can even count the number of seconds it takes to load my Google mail approximately 30 seconds.  One tab after another nothing catchy or funky ever pops up apart from designs inspirations, research on medicine and analysis of another damming world report starting to think the world surely going to end these reports aint getting any less grim.

Today the internet was slightly slow see in Uganda the connections are tied to nature because we are gifted by nature when it has a bad day then everything goes topsy turvy. The lights are off our service providers fears our houses may get burnt apparently, the internet too and even the mobile connections even though the billboards dotting town scream we are the best in market but reality things are different and I can’t complain no one will listen they usually dont.

However today despite the rain the internet was on, so was the power and no machine was down so I checked my email one second, another then another then it loaded. Primary tab nothing new, social also nothing new may be am really anti-social pretending to be social, updates nothing new then a long list under promotions wonder what cool thing is in there.

What would be new? Ways to dodge diabetes I wondered or new dieting tips that we shall give up on after one week, the many photoshopped images on the internet that’s not new next message nothing, another until the third massage from writivisim actually had to right click on the email address just to be sure.

Apprehensively I checked the message first line praise they got many short stories the number is silent, then the bad news a fifth of the messages had been rejected my heart stopped beating I surely lie in the rejected lot not with the way the year has been going.  I remember the look on her face when she announced I had no position in the company, be positive I pinched my thigh the app I worked that didn’t even meet the minimum requirements and what about the design challenge never handed in the work rejected it myself can someone fast forward to 2017 already.

However the eye is always curious to see what’s next. Second paragraph the first word my story has been among the long list of eligible ones pinches self and does the moon walk. Will I win I don’t care but one thing am sure someone reading the 3500 words from my medulla oblongata written in the driest month of the year surely the wet season will be different.

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