The frequently abused old trusted customer care company telephone number that never goes through

So last night was the social media awards where the best companies were being rewarded for investing their time in their social media endeavors basically most companies use it to answer to clients.  However being a client to many of the mushrooming companies in Uganda is no different from travelling in one of the many taxis in Uganda.

The taxi touts who man those white containers will beg, crawl and kiss the ground for you and sometimes even move earth to ensure you board their taxi but once you are in you have to scream at the conductor when paying. If you are disembarking you still have to fight with the conductor since his ears and concentration will be outside the moving taxi on the lookout for the next passenger forgetting the passengers in are the ones who entice other clients to board your taxi.

It’s with this theory that most of our companies operate unfortunately hidden in this bustle and hustle the old trusted telephone has been forgotten yet a number of times it’s the only way to get in our complains to many of these companies we rely on to earn our daily bread that have mastered the art of red tape.  Its funny how companies in Uganda big or small take their clients for granted and that telephone they keep asking us to jot down.


A company invests a lot of money in branding, prints out brochures in full color and hires people to man all these sells points but forgets the one thing informing the clients they are having a glitch with their service and I should be patient.

When crisis invades no one will pick up your call and in extreme the number will be forever busy or switched off completely while you lose money on your side of the bargain. At the end of the month they will be quick to send you an invoice like nothing happened over the last few days no apologies will be issued, nothing happened after all they want is there money as they threaten to disconnect you the next day.

Last week i had an internet connection issue with one of the teleco and like instructed dialed the customer care number but no one picked. Even called individual sales agent numbers which is improper especially for general connection but even them simply joined the lying queue telling me they are going you call office the thing I had spent doing the whole day.

What do they mean by calling office? on whose number their bosses? There is a reason I choose you over your competition the smallest thing you can do for me is leave the communication channels open. In Uganda data packages are sold like sugar nearly every company gives the same quantities but despite your rivals I keep my loyalty with you for a reason.

The issues are not limited to only the internet service providers but also other companies with customer care lines especially the toll free ones those things never go through. And when they ever go through there is a fat chance you may be more informed than the voice on the other side and that’s the crisis that’s in all our companies.



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