That Text in your url is part of your twitter profile it should look good

All this month I have made it a point to click on the urls in the twitter profiles of some of the most vocal twitter users as well as the new followers i get and not surprised most have failed the test. It’s one thing to try and fill out everything on the twitter bio but if you don’t have all the information please leave it blank you won’t lose any of your character space in your tweets.

Many have opted for a custom domain complete with their names or their monikers ending in dotcom which is cool. My problem with most is that for some strange reason they don’t care where that url is heading too so you click on it and either its up for sell or will load up some weird php code.

This not limited to only the vocal tweeps in the twitter sphere but musicians too whom you think would need to lead potential fans to some page with all their downloads, upcoming shows but you will be alarmed there is nothing in there. Last time I checked Ruyongas website it was up for sell and yet his got some top notch city management any upcoming musicians would be envious surely.


Then there is the other category that inserts URLs that lead us to their facebook profiles only to find the content shared on twitter is repopulated back to Facebook saying the same thing twice doesn’t make it new or better. You are simply repeating yourself and if that’s your style then its better not to add it to your twitter profile let them be independent of each other.

After all the bad leads then come the other problems the web designs of most of these sites. I personally have my wordpress url on my profile and am ok with it but if you are going to invest a few dollars into your website ensure the design is matching. I know of several tweeps whose websites look so bad it looks like a newspaper classified section page folded and crumpled and let to flatten out. Ads on one side, content on the other side and you complain why that website is not working for you?

If design is a problem then ensure you use one of the many templates available freely on the internet and if so then tell your designer/developer to edit out all the default text I know of one tweep who changed everything but his about page has lorem ipsum text in latin which is total sellout.


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