North Korea and its hate for romance

When North Korea is mentioned in the news or simple conversation so many ideas come to mind about what it means to live there, how do the people survive. Yet everyday with every news byte they seem to be the country making the latest sophisticated weapon like putting war heads on light weapons and the mythical H Bomb something that other countries are not doing. So over the weekend I happened to listen to a program in which a North Korean was giving insights into life in North Korea.

For starters it’s believed the Kim’s which is the ruling family don’t die. Simply what we normal humans calling dieing to them they simply become spirits always live with the people. It would explain why when Kim ascended to power he decreed that all that have the name Kim drop it or face execution. This I think was a way of covering up the death bit because how would you explain a Kim in your neighbourhood dieing yet the real Kim is not supposed to die. With the Kim name being asked to drop it because in essence if that person died then the question would be why he died when the real Kim’s are not dieing.


In North Korea the government is the sole source of information through the intranet and this has given them the opportunity to filter information to their liking. No wonder the North Koreans believe that South Korea is under occupation by the Americans who are not only ruling the country but also raping and killing the civilians. This is reflected on their intranet and those who can afford to connect to the general internet have to be located in prime locations like around foreign embassies.

This filtered information has also trickled into the education system as text books and examples in school are sewn to paint a certain picture of North Korea’s enemies. For example when north Korean kids are studying Mathematics this how an example would work, if you have two American bastards and kill two other bastards how many bustards do you have now. It’s this kind of examples that are fed into the little ones minds to hate the enemies of the state.

If you look at the pictures of North Korea on the internet the few that are there is very little love why because love is frowned upon in this country. The people believe there is no way you can justify dieing for love lie Dicaprio in titanic instead of scarifying your life for the regime screaming love would be calling for your head to be chopped off. There is more honour if you die fighting for the regime because in north Korea love is such a bad thing people who die for love should be executed take the movie titanic they made a movie out of a shameful story.

The hate for the west is seasonal in North Korea and runs from the start of the year and ends in June. Anyone who has followed news bytes from North Korea they usually escalate during the beginning of the year and die slow deaths towards the middle of the year. During this season, they rump up hatred for the western countries especially America, the South Koreans and it’s during this period that they test all sorts of weapons and threaten war but nothing usually happens after this.

Everyone in north Korea is a spy watching over his neighbour especially the elite who are usually educated in western culture the only way of ensuring that don’t deviate off the needs of the state is to keep them under watch by their colleagues. Even though the kids of elites are taught by foreigners sometimes they are not allowed to engage in cheap talk just in case someone spills the secrets of the regime.



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