People who laugh at the opposition have never fought for a tv remote at home

The closest you can ever come to standing in Besigye shoes is when fighting for a remote at home. The relegation to the minority corner is not a fan place to be in the house especially when the majority form a government of convenience and interest for the sake of there shows relegating you to the opposition section. Your presence will be seen as a stumbling block to progress in the act of TV consumption. You are an annoying pain in the who can’t help see others enjoy why you can’t understand and part take of the activity taking place is looked down upon.

There negotiation skills will be Museveni like complete with arm twisting techniques accompanying each explanation. The majority will create one excuse after another yet all you want is to watch highlights of 5minutes on supersport and head your way to other things.

There negotiation skills can be best defined as arm twisting OK you can change after the first commercial break when it arrives they flip to another channel because there programs run from 6pm all the way to 11pm. If that trick does not work then your program is pushed to the agenda of tomorrow followed by tomorrow which never comes.

If you thought its disrespectful for young corporals to push around Besigye forgetting his several ranks above them try fighting for a remote with your little nieces to whom enjoying TV doesn’t go beyond Jim jam and nickelodeon. They will flip from one channel to another watching small snippets of one cartoon show to another until someone screams it bed time which by then TV is boring.

If you so happen to use force against the young chaps they scream impunity and you know who will be the guilty party when the law is being applied. The adult is always wrong to fight with the young even if there was an agreement beforehand. It’s an experience I have had to bear in these parts of the world where you have one TV for the whole household because we can’t keep paying bills for something we watch only 4-5 hours a day.

In the past our fathers had divine right over the remote but even that has been thrown out of the window relegating fathers to late night TV gazing or abandoning the while ritual completely. My dad once reckoned he comes strategically late at home to prevent TV and remote wars with the kids and their mother so he rather buy two or three hours in the bar before coming home. Like in the real political opposition world, when it comes to change when the subscription runs out you know whom they will run to when they want to see change its you who was relegated to the opposition all month.

These rules apply depending in the gender composition in your household simply switch one sex to another the opposition is not a funny place to be especially when the oppressors are busy enjoying. No wonder when it’s your turn with the remote maximise the experience so they can feel what mean it means to be a member of the opposition. Hope the real life politicians don’t follow the same path when voted into power.



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