Why you would vote General Biraaro

Over the last two debates in Uganda if there is any candidate who stepped off the podium with an enhanced CV it has to be General Biraaro. He is the only candidate who with every word he says seems to understand the problems this country has gone through and what it stands for.

English: Uganda's Coat of arms
English: Uganda’s Coat of arms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Uganda was built on Christian values no wonder our national motto carries the phrase ‘for god and my country’ however looking at the newspaper headlines over the last few years one can’t help but wonder whether country in that motto was misspelt and instead we should have written ‘for god and my stomach;. All government programs start with a prayer to the all mighty and end up with the participants rationing out the money amongst themselves. Biraaro stands on the grounds of developing this country agriculture and even cites the failure of NAADS the popular program.
During the debate he came clear on the need for this country to manage to have time limes on al interventions are in local or foreign. This means local initiatives in agriculture should have time limits so are those in outside countries like Somalia. Once we have timelines then we can have exit strategies if the going gets tough unlike what’s happening today where programs run for ever without stops for review.
I would vote for Biraaro because unlike most candidates he knows the historical failure of institutions in this country case in point his submission on the failures of missions of Uganda in other countries. He stirs clear of personalities and instead focuses on the issues that have kept this country in the backwaters of development. And true to his word the man is fasting to do why would I vote someone’s who starves himself on the eve of one of the biggest decisions about this country.

Elections in Bufuka, in the southwest corner o...
Elections in Bufuka, in the southwest corner of Uganda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s for this concise approach to issues affecting Uganda that I would want a man like general Biraaro in state house to put this country back on track. Like most new faces on the political scene he lacks the militancy of Besigye and the acumen of Amama Mbabazi otherwise I bet he can acquire if voted in as the next president of the pearl of Africa.


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