Why you would vote candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

They say elections are about tomorrow not the past however if there is a candidate who knows the past better than tomorrow it has to be the candidate with the big hat smiling away on his posters. Like an old man he takes a long man’s view on issues looking at the bigger picture than the small pixels that make up the picture.

English: Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.
English: Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s this focus on the big picture that has ensured he stayed in power for the last 30 years without disintegrating into small fights that have ultimately seen the fall of other long serving presidents in Uganda. His ensured all the countries neighbouring him see him as the fountain of knowledge and protection in the region not another president in the region. This gives him a cushion over any small fights in the region as they report to him not the other way around.

No wonder his foreign policy has been focussed on growing the eat federation with him in charge because well Africa needs to learn to protect its people and solve its own problems. There have been qualms about how it’s being done top down not the other way round as the leaders are more united that the people his fighting for but question is if the leaders aren’t united how can the people be united.
His prioritised the items that are hard pressing Ugandans like roads, energy and in his previous campaign items like agriculture and education were high on the agenda which on paper is a good thing but then this brings up a problem that his government has previously been accused of.

His government can easily be considered as a middle income family where the child refused the chips because it has little salt but instead of adding salt the mother instead gives the child rice. It’s this principle the government has used and in the process creating program upon program instead of fine tuning the existing ones. For example when Ugandans said the free universal education had a problem his government introduced universal secondary education. Before that takes root I hear they have already rolled out the loan scheme at university level. This solution of digging a hole to fill a hole will ultimately lead to the fall of the government sooner than later.

Lastly there is the little problem of taking responsibility there are not many governments that I know that shift blame better than the existing government. The roads aren’t the government’s problem but the municipal officers who instead blame the road users who in turn blame the tires of the care and the cycle continues. It’s this kind of cycle that turns me off the government however my last question is would you vote him?


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