Why you should vote Kizza Besigye

I have only heard of third time lucky but never fourth time lucky however this year the man singing defiance looks like his going to rewrite the English adage that if there is any written. There was a time when supporting Besigye was a crime like a communicable disease that you had to be cleansed to be seen in public. To say it in public you had to go underground hiding your support from your family, you girlfriend for fear of a lynching.

You were considered a rebel, a saboteur of progress and probably worked in low end jobs as a boda boda rider, a local dealer not someone worth his salt and nothing else. However this year has been different many have gained the confidence to flash the V sign with big smiles and when the money has been short campaign rallies have turned into huge fundraising drives.
I will admit when he started out screaming defiance I thought it was the old Besigye with his own linage of patronage but scratching deeper the defiance has a plan. Instead of campaigning in urban centers places synonymous with his old boys the boda boda riders his strategically gone for the belly of the incumbent. Combing the bases of them enemy and even the tall grass that the incumbent refers to as the mecca of his government.

Holding rallies in more rural areas than urban areas it’s been a plan hatched under the belly of the enemy because the success of the enemies is now turning into their problem. With peace now in every part of the country young people are not giving peace to their landlords, they want jobs, hope that is coming in form of blue reason the enemy is instead of being progressive about his success his instead singing about it like a hymn.

Even the educated who didn’t want to be seen sleeping with the enemy see this as the perfect chance to see change actively voting young men to go and vote. Those who planned to boycott have been given reason by the competitions of which district contributed the biggest crowd at Besigye rally. If there is any reason to doubt the change we want it’s definitely not this year because this year the bus has to move so the president enters.


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