Why you should vote for Vanacious Baryamureeba

I have been weary of academicians before and not much has changed but the one thing that draws you away from an academician is the reason you should sit up and listen to them. Academician’s drive the agenda or they think for every policy in the country be it war or the best way to distribute medicine.

Uganda is one planning template as per the constitution and academicians thrive on work plans and other tools like deadlines that drive their productivity. Having seen his academic work accumulate dust in the shelves of Makerere this would give Baryamureeba a chance to implement all of his findings. From education to simple services like water delivery all this research is readily available on the academic shelves.

Academicians are known for being workaholics who will push their children to achieve academic excellence and it’s the one thing Uganda has been lacking over the last 30 years. We are simply lazy to implement even our own policies or even abide by our own laws we created to protect us. To achieve excellence the academician in Baryamureeba will push the rules upon everyone to meet set goals and objectives in the specified scope of ones abilities. The ministers would probably be learned men with expertise in their chosen fields but that’s where the entire positives stop I hope not.

Only problem with Barymureeba as president is the small issue of leaving the discussions in the conference rooms a weakness common with most academicians. They make very good detailed reports but everything dies when the conference bites are served only to speak up when anther conference opportunity presents itself or update his CV.

Another is there fear of change I know of many academicians who simply fear change and would rather quote a rule than see change. Take Makerere University existing for 90 years but has seen very little change to the structure built in all those years ago. Lecturers sit in the same crumpled offices over crowded with books but will refuse any creation of off-site campuses because they all want to work in the Kampala. Will Baryamureeba be different from his old colleagues brandishing the latest research findings?


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