Why you should vote for Kyala

One of the key facts about the Uganda is the huge number of females who have been empowered and emancipated out of the kitchen to the office room. We have more female leaders per capita than any country and more companies now are increasingly being headed by women in the country. Running against men used to be taboo but not in this age nomination is simply a nomination for away.
After thirty years you would thing Uganda was ready for a mother as head of state and that person lies in Kyala. Her achievements glow like the oil in her hair ad she shines but like Hillary Clinton she has trust issues from her fellow females and that’s before you mention the men.

She reminds me of my own mother who recently picked up nomination forms to contest for the woman councillor on the women’s council at the district. For all the years I have lived I have never seen my father engage in politics or even vote. His preference is to curse at how clueless the government is and threaten to go on strike which he also never does. When my mother decided to go for the big basin fight I thought dad would stop her but he didn’t instead his taken a back sit like most men in this country.
It’s that kind of pro activism that I see in Kyala and her performance will be a stun taste on the achievements that women have made over the last few years. Have they been used by the government as catch phrase for quick votes because of all the positions available there are nearly none in which men are standing toe to toe against women. Many of her peers instead are clamouring for the non-competitive position of woman MP that ensures only a woman can share a ballot paper with you.

Also Kyala has good ideas about pointing out issues in our employment sector, how women are being underpaid yet over worked, the worms in our missions but like most new faces she lucks the diplomacy to package her messages without being passed off as another xenophobe against the very people creating jobs in this country. However it this directness we need to see in statehouse because Uganda took a back seat the moment everyone started to speak in the diplomatic language.


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