Why you should vote Amama Mbabazi

No one really knows what started it off it had been a nice day at work the aroma of the lunch was floating into our nostrils wetting our appetites when a colleague walked joking about the number of presidential candidates in the race for February 2016. Quickly everyone started to pick sides of where they fell before one of the ladies who had just left the civil service complained.
I can vote for anyone but not Amama Mbabazi.
His statement was like a breeze of cold air as everyone got the look of
Why? To which she answered

It’s hard to work in a ministry headed by that man. His so strict to the point there is a reporting book which every civil servant must abide to when reporting in the morning.
That was a surprise and we didn’t even bother verify whether it’s true as she went to make allegations referring to him as a snake, one who won’t take the fall of another man. Basically everyone who worked in his ministry was judged by his output not the patronage and connection he had developed in the ministry.
This revelation got me thinking that’s what we need in this country then a man who judges’ people based on their work. Ugandan does not need a president to re write the books by re-inventing the wheel. We just need someone who needs to start holding people by their work and was willing to sacrifice for the better of the many.
Amama Mbabazi has been minister if defence, prime minister and for a strange reason every time he walked into a ministry there was a change in work ethic by the workers of the specific ministry. He was not physically at the opening of a bore hole, a hospital in a far flung district but you felt his presence.

It’s this positive presence we want to see in our civil service that those are offices to work in not small shops where you cut deals after deals. It’s for this small reason that I would vote him just to give the people supposed to bring services to my village some sleepless nights like we in the private sector who are judged by the numbers we post on the boar not the length of our patronage network.
This is best captured in his goforward slogan the final step that the country has been craving for where leaders will work in weary of the leader with no friends. Whose next step is known to only him not some handlers who will only serve their interests? It takes a man to leave a place but still be held in such regard to be still in the place that he vacated and the NRM party will testify to this.


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