Why you Should Elton John Mabirizi

His the youngest candidate of all those in the race, the way he carries himself, the way he talks and his target population is the young people. The statics too don’t lie with three young people in every four Ugandans his done his homework to the dot which gives all young people the reason to line up behind our very own.
His arguments look and sound built on the street and sound and he cuts a connection with the young voices loud on social media. His answers always have this un canny way of answering the wrong question just as the debate showed which would be a blessing to all Ugandans who would have their problems answered before they are asked.

Embedded deep into this youthful energy is a candidate who knows some of Uganda’s most pressing problems like the fake investors whom we lend money to so that they can invest in our country. The disrespect we face from the older generations who write off our dreams without looking through them.
He is a young man fighting for the young’s man’s voice in this politics of the old man as symbolised by appearing late at the debate. He dragged his feet to ensure they hear him out with an explanation as to why the debate organisers over looked him pre debate which is a non-violent way than the riots and stone throwing that is common with most young people in the country.

His president of the future young person short on English and articulation, but sees the loop holes in the system that keeps the young man from enjoying himself. His conduct is an indictment of the version of young people this country has been breeding in its large under funded conveyor belt of an education system but even with all short comings he gives you reason to try but not failing to try.


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