An open letter to he who whose name won’t be mentioned

I always wonder what legacy you will leave behind when the clock stops turning because you have successfully over seen regime of contradictions carefully sewn to mask inefficiencies. Famous for lamenting that Africa‘s problem is leaders who over stay in power but doing nothing to promote the cognitive capacity to vote you out of power. You have restructured the curriculum carefully and slowly decapitated what was and ever composed of the opposition infrastructure to the point where sometimes you have to wonder whether we even have one or are busy voting on individual merit over the party. That part of the story I am still trying to figure it out.

Students in Uganda
Students in Uganda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Take for example the power struggles common in other countries one would think Uganda is ripe for such a scenario but nope. Instead we have changes at all the other levels but he whose name won’t be mentioned because he whose name won’t be mentioned holds the remote that distributes power in this country. This change he has successfully come by spreading the power blocks in the mass administrative structure where for every service you have two or three offices providing the same service. After all we have more political units than economic units and you have blinded us to the point we can’t differentiate between the two anybody want a district?

Districts of Uganda
Districts of Uganda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have representation at all levels to the point of duplication that sometimes you can’t differentiate one job description from another. Take the current program of NAADS the one who whose name won’t be mentioned in his own words you wanted it disbanded as you saw it a failure of a group of people who got money only for them to waste it which is true hence he entrusted your own beloved army to takeover. However scratch deeper and the question remains has there been a marked change apart from the fact beans now aint being stolen along the way because NAADS still operates like old distributing cups of beans yet our biggest problem is value addition.

Come up the elections he whose name won’t be mentioned is promising more funding for an organisation he wanted closed that’s on top of a number of pilot agriculture distribution points mimicking the existing ones in the country that he quotes whenever his re reading one of his earlier speeches. To the foreign eye it may be hard to understand but that is he whose name won’t be mentioned modus operandi moving power to where he sees fit and in the process ensures his never side stepped by power hungry hyenas marauding as his supporters.

The same template has been used to contain the losers of primaries so as to keep them happy. When he whose name won’t be mentioned says the party has a reconciliation committee they technically mean a weighing system to see who will be appointed to what positions and if by chance the positions are full creating new ones is as easy a letter authorising X to create a new department charged with implementing a small fraction of an existing program. Even if the seating official’s productivity and output is close to nil he whose name won’t be mentioned does not believe in punishing people rather moving them around till they fade away.

No wonder it’s not surprising even when a minister is lost or dies and his successor is not chosen for years there is nothing wrong with that because well everyone knows they do nothing but hold power to the demise of Uganda but pleasure of he whose name won’t be mentioned.


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