The first day I saw hookers

Check out @ndophumlani’s Tweet:

I saw this tweet while scrolling through my timeline which brought back memories of my own when I first saw hookers.

It was a chilly Sunday and we were on our way from church after watching the Sunday night movie special. I was with my auntie and we sat in the late taxi home nearly everybody was sleeping or too tired since it was silent. All you could hear was silence and the car tires screeching as the driver expertly dodged the humps on the road. The cold too was a good environment to take a quick nap before we reached home.

As we reached the turn around Serena hotel near the sub way restaurant next to crested towers which i verified by looking around my auntie nudged me out my sleep and pointed at the the shadows across the road. Initially I couldn’t make out what she was pointing at then one after the other there frames starter to come to file. All you saw was the brown skin then patches of black which made up what was there clothes.

In the shadows was two brown legs in high heels that glowed under the street lights. She was in short dress that stopped above her knees closer to waist. Her top was shaped in such a way to maximise the view of her breasts. This was cut in form of a  V that ran from her navel area then parted at her shoulders. Think she had just applied a coat of lip stick since her lips where glistening.

Even in the cold she looked very comfortable and at the moment I saw her she was pulling up her bra section as if to put them back in place. Next to her were two others one with an afro hair cut and high boots next to a short but fatter Lady who was smoking a cigarette. There were others huddled up in groups that covered the length of the street which was taking a nice curve covered by flowers that looked really nice if you passed there during day.

Initially I didnt know why she some how decided to point at this street scene of all since every where I go there are women and that’s when she whispered that those were prostitutes out selling there flesh. To which I quickly turned to get an even better view as if to get a better view of the difference between hoes  and normal women.

As I turned back I could see the scene had already changed now a short man think of Indian descent was haggling with two women. The short one and the one in big boots and as they haggled the short one was holding the man seductively rubbing his tummy.

My auntie then gave me a crash course in the dangers of making out hoes and hookers however she also mentioned places where they sell flesh in Uganda Speke road, William street, around Serena hotel if you pass there at the right time like we did that night, industrial area.

What’s sad that this incident happened close to ten years ago and yet its 2015 and its still business as usual. My high school even said he went hunting there recently and nothing has changed except the numbers of hookers.


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