The hoeism with our currencies

A couple of years ago the central bank introduced the largest denomination currency in Uganda despite calls of my elders to simply chop the extra zeros on the currency note in line with the others in East Africa. Instead the governor said this was a way of supporting our traders from carrying multiple notes when doing commerce.

This commerce starts at the Forex bureau and watching the exchange rate is comparable to playing the brick game of house building at level 6. The stewards kept changing the numbers every 30mins to match the volatile changes being updated by the central bank.
Analysts came out giving different reasons  but deep down as an animal called China.

We had hoed our currencies to China having ditched the Dollar because she comes with strings attached. We are not the only ones who did it our neighbours in Kenya did it so did Tanzania and everyone on the African continent. Reason being everyone likes a quicky with a stranger without having to worry about the baggage of buying pumpers for the baby that will come from that intercourse.

The problem with this no strings attached relationship is that we burnt our bridges for the new love in town and started getting gifts on the cheap without asking why. So when China started to get his house in order we got sorted in the process and our currencies paid the price.

We couldn’t turn to our exes on whim because deals were not signed today and gone tomorrow also we were receivers not shot callers living off the mercy of singer daddy until another one appears who gives cheaper hair extensions and nail Polish then we shall cosy up again.


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