Moyes malaise slowly creeping into everything Van Gaal is doing at #mufc

Dear van gaal I am a hurting Manchester uniter fan. From the day you signed for united you have kept my blood pressure pumping at maximum. I like the way you breathed life into the team after Moyes took as on long walk among the tombstones. However i have watched you lurch from one excuse to another like a monkey switching tree branches in the forest lately and its not looking funny.

First you said its the philosophy which needed three months to roll out to which we watched in silence as you cut the dead wood from the team and switched up players. However what started as a three months project is starting to look like a forever project like the ones my government likes to roll out with slight glimpses of excitement like one you gave us towards the end of last season.

Towards the end of last season I thought you had finally nailed it only for you to trash it. You sold the players you deemed average and got the ones you say fit the bill and all season you been talking about how our midfield and defence however I am starting we are looking good because everyone around is just not good enough. A couple of games from now I bet we shall be back in seventh place not losing nor scoring.

During that game against Wolfsburg i watched my beloved team get torn to shreds in midfield and defence. Bastian was literraly holding out in midfield all by himself as Fellaini looked lost in a sea of white because in your wisdom you opted to donate the midfield to the opposition. Why not play the two proper midfielder in the champions who have the ability to hold the ball even under pressure because I ran out of the number of times big Fellaini cheaply gave away possesion.  The irony is those are the two areas you have made a point to remind us how far you have improved the team.

I have been baffled with you midfield selections knowing how important it is to control midfield especially Europe even though injuries are biting but its you who keeps talking about you play the system that suits the players you have so why don’t you do it now and stop the excuse of I don’t have Neymar like players because when you trashed city, spurs last season I bet Neymar didn’t know that even Manchester United existed.

I am not talking about the money here but a certain Moyes got kicked out for playing Fellaini in midfield. You sitting in his old office are implementing the same template that got him fired I hope you are not fired but with the way things are progressing I can’t help but wish. All match I watched you turn Bastian from world class midfielder to Smallings helper in defence.
How did you expect him to dictate the play going forward when he spent half the time standing next to Smalling. Its not the first time you have done it even against PSV you did it and we nearly conceded which leaves me wondering what lessons are you learning that you use in those endless meetings with players.

It is starting to hurt and with each passing match we fans are slowly but surely slipping into that Moyes disillusion that we thought you had flashed when you kicked out all that dead wood. Even the luck is running out reminding me of Moyes time because every time we play the opposition keeper had a good game always against us and it has happened in the last games whenever we score.

Looking at the Wolfsburg game we couldn’t even hold onto a lead or equaliser for a proper five minutes. Ironically the funny thing about luck in sport you create it by applying pressure and making the opposition work but lately we rather choose the easier option. So bad we conceded a goal created from the kind of passing you keep talking about in your press conferences but we never get to see on the field where it matters. On many occasions lately I am going to games hoping we lose so that your hand can be forced like season which ironically is the only time I enjoyed you being coach of Manchester United.


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