Charging police officers as individuals in political rally related incidents a tricky game for the local police officers

I have been reading stories about the police actions in the papers lately and I am torn between feeling sorry for them and simply pulling a policeman out of his uniform and slapping him/her. One you can’t understand their actions of undressing a would be law breaker in the name of implementing their orders to the letter. What’s so funny is no one really knows these orders nor who gives them at all because that’s police work and they don’t show up brandishing warrants for arrest instead they show up and hell breaks loose citing orders from above.

Imagine a scenario where a police officer living shabbily in Naguru whose pay has been delayed for don’t ask me the number of months and his living in a police barracks with a family of eight mouths gets his first outing remember this when he can demand an allowance for operations to top his meager earnings. The order is to ensure a certain politician stays indoors the legality of that is a question for another day. He heads out all in combat gear and stations at the targets house in wait. His goal to ensure law and order is maintained and peace is kept as defined by his commanders/supervisors who are his direct bosses.

This politician plays the political/emotional card about how police are stopping his rights to go out and fend for his family, he won’t listen and before long a crowd starts to gather around the police officer. In another world you would play the play the fool and walk away to fight another day for the sake of peace that you swore to upload at your appointment. However this is the police and unless you have a good lawyer you will have a lot of explaining to your supervisor/commander who operates in the shadows because all he wants is the objective of stopping that politician from leaving the house before he counts it as a job well done and you could be in contention for promotion or any other freebies that come with jobs well done.

Here you are a policeman do you use force quoting all manner of laws you can remember? Do you simply lay down you tools walk off and wait to be court martial or whatever they call in police language? To compound the problem, for the policeman their bosses aren’t helping at all by playing cat and mouse game with the law one day it’s this and another day it’s like nothing has happened. So by charging them as individuals and not as the badge they carry for nearly all cases I see a problem in the police especially for these political rally related clashes with the politicians but if a policeman kills his wife then he deserves to get his head hanged as an individual.


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