What is #NRM’s ideology? Truthfully, I do not know the answer to this one.

What is NRM‘s ideology? Truthfully, I do not know the answer to this one. But the observation is that around this season (election period), on every NRM’s candidate poster there are words inscribed, “Peace, Unity, Modernisation.” Such are meant to portray what this “mass party” stands for. From a layman’s point of view (since NRM is for ordinary men), what would the NRM’ scorecard look like?

English: Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.
English: Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peace: NRM came to power through a bloody war that cost more than 80,000 lives in Luwero region alone. It then fought a bitter war against Lakwena which metamorphosed into the LRA. Between the LRA and the “UPDF”, and according to the various Human Rights Watch Reports, 1,000 people were either killed or died from war related incidences per week spanning a period of 10 years. At the height of this conflict, people were herded up in a train wagon by the UPDF and set on fire. In 2009, during the Buganda riots, 40 people are claimed to have been killed by government security agencies, however, there has never been a formal investigation later on a trial to bring justice to the victims. The police, whose mandate is to protect people and their property, is/has trained militia outfits (Kiboko squad, crime preventers) that cause mayhem to anyone who does not toe the NRM-line. The cost of peace has been very dear to an “ordinary Ugandan” and it continues more so now when the “killer” has the “courtesy” to inform there would be next “targets.”

Mr. Rwabwogo says, “Ideology is not Biology.” Meaning, there is no positive correlation between age and ideas. Mr Odrek Rwabwogo be a man and stand your ground tell your father-in-law he is part of the old no new ideas guard of NRM-O and him being their leader has encouraged their uselessness to contribute to the party and country at large besides no one makes a move in this Government or party without your father-in-laws blessing. Also why do you fellows only concentrate on security as being the only achievement of NRM and make it sound like you have the monopoly of security in Uganda.

Here I thought NRM and Museveni created a professional not partisan Ugandan army. He claims that actually Brig. Kyaligonza is his hero and he only accuses him of “overstaying.” Mr Rwabwogo claims to be a farmer and that once he has eaten a fruit he appreciates the fact that there is someone who planted it. To back up his logic, Rwabwogo says that he replants the seeds of the fruit for future purposes.

Let’s take this analogy to the NRM. NRM has its “planter” as President Museveni and for the last 30 years this planter has been sowing NRM seeds and to-date the planter does not recognise any germination. What does it tell both to the “planter” and the “seeds?” Either the planter does not know what is doing or the seeds are of poor quality. But if it were that the seeds were of a poor quality, it would take an equally poorer planter to having not realised for the last 30 years. My advice is, that before we take out the “seeds” let us take out the “planter.”


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