Innovative changes taking place around us

There is a ground up movement afoot to re-imagining education. Change in the education system isn’t going to be catalyzed from the top down any more and even policy think tanks are realizing this instead it will be precipitated by teachers, parents and students. Gone are the days when stakeholders waited for the ministry of education to make up its mind on what they want to teach students more and more change makers are developing their own curriculums in partnership with local communities complete with innovative tools to deliver the message. The faster the government jumps on board the quicker we shall see change in the education sector.

Technology is paving the way for unprecedented new possibilities for our interconnected world but people are at the heart of the solutions. Technology is removing time and geography barriers, enabling solutions to travel across borders. We are making it possible to solve big social problems with tech powered solutions but people solve the problems, not technology. Which calls for the governments to invest more in our human resource no matter how advanced the technology is as long as the human resource is left behind we are back to square one. Instead people should be encouraged to think creatively around their problems to see the change they want to see.

More than ever, companies now focus on paving paths for meaningful careers. Companies are not only thinking about social responsibility as something their employees do on the side, they are thinking about how to make change making a career path. The most innovative companies over the last few years have been those that have trodden the unknown path in the name of creating change because sharing a common purpose is more important for people than sharing financial goals and volunteering and a career should no longer be separate sine it can create a whole new career.

Social Entrepreneurs are at the cutting edge triggering the newest multi-billion dollar markets. In recent years, it was not business entrepreneurs but rather social entrepreneurs who pioneered multi-billion markets. Examples include Slow Food, CouchSurfing, Aravind, Kiva, Wizzit, Wikipedia etc
Health is no longer something the doctors ‘offer’ the patients in hospitals because patients are now driving health. Responsibility in health is shifting from doctor to patient; treatment is getting out of hospitals to wherever the patient is on the phone or desktop etc. The biggest source of inspiration for innovative design in health area is the solutions brought by people who are in need of them.


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