Reasons #UgandaCranes lost the match

Andy mwesigwa is a Muganda ate tebagaliza we all know that

It was going to rain in Uganda and because of too much excitement and coldness,many babies were going to be made and that wasn’t God‘ plan

The person who called the team before the game unless its bribe but all his wins are not out of struggle

Most of you were going to flood our bars and clubs in the midweek forgetting that you have to work the next day. Actually the following day some of you would lose your jobs because you arr late or you didnt finish what you were assigned to do..God protects us from evil just google our national motto

Last but not least..When Kiprotch won The medal, he said it was because of him.when we happened to see the eclipse after oba 100 yrs,he still said he invented it. When the plane landed in Mitiyana, he said he wanted to create another airport so yagezesa… Banange If Uganda Cranes won the match yesterday,he would brag about this one call that he made and God doesn’t want competitors.



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