Ugawood is behind but the movie titles aren’t helping either

Not a fan of African movies especially those with story lines like its grand ma telling you a story from back from her childhood when the only way they got closest to skype was looking through a pot filled with water not some paid guy and talking back to yourself. Over the last few years cameras have become the in thing and so has been the demand for local content from TV, to newsprint to all forms of media we now even have a Ugandan way of tweeting and facebooking. Problem with these cameras if they are not being used to make good related able Ugandan stories most are taking selfies however the professional ones though some are being for positives though and that’s making films which has given rise to Ugandan film industry though very young some signs are no no no being touted around as UGA WOOD see it’s good to fit into the standard operating procedure of HOLLYWOOD and BOLLYWOOD.

Giant steps in the right direction for a country that specializes in talking about each other however we have a little problem here, the movie titling is way off the mark take for example a movie titled HARD TARGET. Anyone who has watched Western movies long enough would expect such a movie to be littered with fighting scenes, big guns and some of the mark effects instead the movie has a man in suit with pointed shoes holding a begging a demon or spirit to leave a body lying flat on a mat or chair. The body itself has the victim all big eyes popping out of his body and the enhanced effects are of him having a thick layer of Vaseline smudged across his face so he reflects in the camera. In the background are a collection of voices repeatedly saying we won’t go, we won’t go for several minutes.

Next up a title like NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER which over the years has been synonymous with the actor being or operating behind enemy lines however don’t expect that in a Ugandan made movie. No guns, no karate of martial arts in a complicated story line that has that compels you to re watch the movie of how the main actor got behind enemy lines instead what you should expect is a scene in which a woman probably a wife is on the floor seated next to the house girl knee deep in some drab conversation and the only thing not retreating or surrendering about the scene is the fact that the house girl was caught sitting by the camera in an explicit position.

The trailers too are crazy comedy skits reduced to a minute or so that are thrown around on social media. A friend recently sent me a clip titled TEBATUSASULA loosely translated to “we were never paid” and by virtue of its title expect an adrenaline packed show with guns, revenge and everything that makes up the package as to why the victims were never paid. Instead the characters when they swing a kick its visibly one meter from impact but thanks to the poor after effects get their man, the runs look like it’s you baby brother playing with the forward button and when shots are fired using a gun the sound is so bad it’s like someone whistling very close your ear. The bullets on landing the victim spill more blood than the size of the characters head and its always thick red gushing out of the wood. The area they are filming from is never sealed off and you can see by standers wondering what’s up with all these camera people in the area. So instead of going for complicated story lines how about we stick to simple stories that don’t need too much reliance on effects that make the creator, actor and ultimately the one who is going to watch the movie a fool.

Probably to prevent these movie makers should organize pre screenings before these movies are actually released like its being done lately in the music industry by hip hop artists so the target market feels the movie then appropriate changes can changes can be made before hand. This is because the Uganda movie is one of the most protected industries in the country you can easily get a new Hollywood release on the black market in Kampala but not a Ugandan made movie. You even risk prison for even thinking about smuggling one and selling it illegally but the quality they have made does not warrant all this protection.


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