Lessons from Desires nudes

We humans are naturally park animals and enjoy a good laugh whenever one would be member falls off and does something that embarrass himself in front of the park and Luzinda has pulled off the classic. She revealed everything that was behind that skin tight collection of clothes that she always wore and uploaded them in a matching possess because even secrets need theme songs these days. However i think i got few lessons that can go long way for starters

No trade mark tattoos

See girls have this tendency to have a stand out tattoo inked somewhere on their bodies however looking at desire probably that’s not advisable now small or big it depends on what time of the month she is. See girls will change an outfit just because someone has the same thing hence the trademark outfits where if you see it just know you have met. However it’s those trademarks that have Desire glued to the nudes if she is denied let her raise her blouse if that tattoo isn’t there am giving her double the amount that guy invested in her for the concert.

No wall framed pictures

I notoriously don’t pose for the camera thankfully am not that good looking anyway. Your camera would probably crack trying to snap me hence i don’t see the need to frame anything my walls have newspaper cuttings of the war between Amama Mbabazu and Yoweri Kaguta and nothing much apart from blood spots of mosquitoes that have been slammed on the wall for wanting free blood. However for Desire well there she is looking at her self-getting done and posing for photos in her bedroom turn porn house cum photo studio I can go on forever but I think it’s time I repaint my walls. Whoever cooked up the phrase the walls have ears he can order himself a cold glass of milk he can never be more justified than now.

Porn unites

Someone once said the only cure of watching porn was getting caught watching or having porn clips or images or like mama used to say naked people in your phone. Well right now having them makes you king as everyone starts a conversation i see you have a whatsapp, did you or have you have Desire’s photos? Even when you have some photos some will tell no there are new ones which you would expect there are new ones that one i have seen and I can’t help but wonder what happened to getting beaten for watching pictures of naked people.

Foreign men richer but not loyal

Women always say Ugandan men are broke however we don’t carry cameras to the bedroom like your foreign bedmates who have taken to implementing the adage when the hunter learnt to shoot without missing, the birds fly without patching. Ugandan girls have turned foreign men into human ATMs for quick easy cash then they take off look at Bad Black, Cindy and a list of other girls. The foreigners in return make the girls do nasty things like take sex tapes, nude photos anal sex before they make it rain on them and when they try to take off like Desire purportedly tried to so they get revenge porn-ed. Good thing those white black West African men know how to get you in tune revenge i can’t wait for some celebrities on my list fingers crossed as I keep on the lookout for more nudes just keep sharing good people.


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