Desire Luzinda and our stupid celebrities

I once heard someone intimate Uganda has no divas and scoffed when a list was created a couple of years ago of their existence by the very newspaper that is making a killing revealing new tit bits of her nude photo story. I too concur in Uganda there aren’t celebrities however we have people who masquerade as celebrities just because they appear every day in Uganda, the newest videos or are at the airport welcoming back or athletes or collecting free money from religiously blinded Ugandans at random churches in across the country. Desire predicament just shows even those we believe are celebrities aren’t doing themselves any favor whatsoever in their actions and they all don’t seem to learn nothing.

As a musician you would expect her to be the type to product the brand named desire even though one would argue it does not exist but you know it and that’s one of the building blocks of a brand. She should be care who she hangs, who gets to say what when and why but unfortunately not our girls in Uganda especially if they get their little sisters to pen down a collection of random words that are pushed through the systems as songs instead they are quick to sling the love was blinding me anti dot at every issue. You would expect anyone with something to sell would be protecting it jealously and professionally but not anything is done.

There is also the question of manager of a Ugandan musician who is he, what is his role and is their arrangements with these musicians’ contractual agreements. Looking at Desires situation is starting to believe these are long term friends who not to be called groupies act as managers. Speculation says Desires alleged boyfriend had funded her concert to the tune of 100million and was now revenging because she was now referring to him as a crook who wants to rob her well that’s not verified but acts as a pointer to what is happening too many in the music industry in Uganda. Well an organized industry such dealings to go through one channel a manager, company or some sort of legal representation while the musician concentrated on other things not concerning the monetary issues. Instead we have the typical Ugandan situation the boyfriend provides the girl takes off with everything unfortunately for her, she left her photos behind and we got them thanks to something called jilted lovers don’t have brains you do them in the dark we see them during day. Away from the Desire pictures you won’t be surprised to find situations where a musician fires a manager and the manager turns and asks how he fires me if he doesn’t pay me or we have no contract between us.

Then we have the legal system built to punish people but never actually punish anyone apart from the germs in the mouth of the person reminding us what the law says as they throw around blind threats. In Luzinda, all it has done is remind us Desire deserves 10 years in jail and there are no questions of who is the real culprit here; where the crime was committed instead all our leaders are busy blanketing punishment on everyone. It shows the mistrust we have the judiciary no lawyers even those who have something to protect don’t care about getting themselves lawyers so how do you expect those who have nothing to indulge in such luxuries. Look at the west where sex tapes are rife clever musicians use the tongues of lawyers to delay the release of such nude pictures and videos until a certain agreement monetary or compensation is reached and if money is to be made off the figures have to be known. In Desires case you have a girl stuck at 25 years with a daughter half that age fighting for her respect against a man who is staring at pictures in his phone with nothing but his stupidity to prevent him from throwing the pictures onto the internet.


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