A sweet stupid Ugandan girl

The time check was 12:30 am in the eastern town of Tororo and the day was the 1st of January 2014 at rock classic hotel and the guest performers were two divas at least by Ugandan standards Grace nakimera and Desire Luzinda see our divas have a habit of pulling off disappearing acts frequently. Grace was the main act and Desire the opening act where she performed her then monster heat we are fitting. Despite having listened to the song like a million times i had never recognized who the female voice on the track crooning away alongside the dynamic duo of radio and weasel was. Her performance was short and largely forgettable all i remember doing was holding revelers hand who screamed for an opportunity to run their greedy fingers down her curves while pulling down her short outfit like she was reminding we drunk fellows how voluptuous she was then mysteriously disappeared like she had come but not now posing on the bed, the birth tub and while v-ing the forbidden fruit.

It had been a while since her other song had an effect on me where she sings about fooling with a lover typical of Ugandan love songs in which she tells her better half the haters go get mad seeing us playing with each other. However the video had more emphasis on her curves than anything else unfortunately this real life song it’s her they fooling on. Several of her photos emerged on the internet sparking a challenge if we would challenge her possesses which morally wrong but to this date still wondering what happened that fateful night. Wonder how many girls out there are actually getting blinded by love to strip at least the UCU sex tape girl claimed it was her ambition to strip for the camera instead desire rubbed shoulders with paper bags around the country and to the extent she was doing concerts for charity at least by the glossy adverts that lined the streets of Kampala this year however even that wouldn’t hide the village that sound bite done for radio ads was not black and white as she try to sell it to us.

At the stage even though my eyed getting half closed because of the Guinness bottle my sixth for the night she still looked sweet. Her waist narrow the heaps over flowing with godliness looking at the pictures cant still can’t explain which part of her voluptuous body holds the brain.
Having seen the predicament of Cindy another celebrity one wonders do these girls ever learn, why are they so desperate for validation to strip for the camera and pose as far only for her i hope she took the purported 100m they guy claims her gave her otherwise she is a sweet stupid girl who now has to deal with the mess of knowing we all know what she carries behind those nice clothes.


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