fighting at match day an administrative vice

Last night on one of my favorite shows one of the presenters made an allegation over the violent incidents at a football game in Uganda. For those not aware Ugandan football has gone through a lot over the past few years apart from always fighting to make it hard for ourselves in any qualifying campaign both for Africa cup of nations and the world. We have even failed to organize a properly run professional league despite several contracts signed between sponsors and the league every time we think we have jumped a huddle another emerges out of the blue so bad we are the only country to have had two professional leagues.
Over the past few days that purple patch has been cello taped and we are creating another ever since the start of the league there have been over four violent incidents at football matches and yet nothing id being done.
I mean the premier league may be a world far away from us however there is a trait we can transfer from them to us for starters they don’t entertain violence of any form. I read several articles being banned from stadium because they threw items like toilet on the pitch. Cant we do that given the police us readily available there is even community policing that police used as there key celebratory point to identify the hooligan but some how the same culprits keep coming up game after game.
Even the media that would have preached the message of identifying and punishing they themselves have been culprits fighting coaches instead of identifying them given they know these people and talk to them apart from writing about the infighting at FUFA they should write about incidents that scare away the very fans they claim are being attracted back to the stadiums.
I don’t see myself carrying my girlfriend, kid brother to a game and i return back home with no eye or worse death. It too creates a bad image for the sport that has received more bandaging over the last few years because if i am to invite a fan to a match i spend more time explaining how much safe the game will be than the individual stars they should watch out for on the pitch.
One way of stopping this stopping the habit of boardroom points where one team is deducted points or awarded and the other is punished. Instead all matches that ate forfeited because of match day violence should be relayed with the score at zero one from the last score because it looks like most fans start violence in hope of getting a reprimand from the  board.


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