Whats the role of the Ministry of Information #UgBloggers7Days

English: Uganda's Coat of arms

English: Uganda’s Coat of arms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ebola is eating away at west Africa like they owe it something. Currently it has chewed close to 4000 people and almost 10% of these have been doctors covered in mystery its been slowly ploughing away one person after another. In the process it has called for help from across the board and Uganda has heeded this call sending a couple of doctors to help out since we cant afford the millions the west can throw in the abyss called donation one time we 200,000 Uganda big figure statistically use in terms of value.
Like the helpers we are many of our doctors have flown over and that’s where the story of their participation ends. Once on that plane we don’t know what they are doing, whether they are recording any successes or are they in a missing like our dear soldiers who went to fight Kabila in Kisangani and we should expect Liberian wives when Ebola gets done we.
Nothing at all on our citizens away from home while the west keeps reminding you of every little success achieved by their citizen our government does not. However let Mbabazi not attend a meeting and everyone in Uganda shall know even before the meeting is done because his a politician? Well i don’t know
I recently got to learn that one of our doctors died there were no speeches by the government, no Endeavour to celebrate the many life or achievements which begs who does the ministry of information serve? Does it exist to market Uganda’s potential as a key problem solver in this global village? With our past survival rate in Ebola epidemics one would imagine the ministry marketing Uganda as an expert on this playing key role, sending personnel and reporting on everything we are doing instead we are one of the many countries that Ebola set its ugly foot and left nothing more.


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