Human error playing a key role in #Ebola survival not the healthcare system #UgBloggers7Days

English: "The health care worker shown he...

English: “The health care worker shown here was incinerating materials used in the treatment of Ebola patients at a Yambuku hospital in 1976.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All this couple of months the rhetoric has been West Africa poor health care system is key in spread of Ebola however all this changed this week when Ebola set its ugly on the mother of a modern well serviced health care system and their success rate so bad i doubt it would survive a relegation dog fight. One Ebola patient two health workers infected, a country under panic kids are not even going to school now flip the same script to west Africa 30000 Ebola patients and counting less than 500 health worker deaths.
Now am not worshiping west Africa health care system however i want to point to one telling factor its not really the health care systems in question here but the preparation of them in face of Ebola that is spreading like wildfire. For example the American nurses released a statement warning the state to stop clutching on the excuse of protocol given since it didn’t even exist in the first place showing just how those fighting Ebola in west have been forging a template and not following one that the Americans and their allies have been throwing around. So Ebola paid them a visit they had to forge and unfortunately things didn’t go well as two health workers are down and the government is waiting on possibility of receiving others soon.
Why the nurses didn’t use the working template that is being deployed in West Africa also beats ones understanding. In countries that value documenting information that should have quickly learnt that what’s working in West Africa for health workers to remove their protective you need a third party watching to prevent anything going wrong instead nurses in the west have been left to their devices, even after they call in not feeling well are given the go ahead to travel because Ebola is a mystery and a west African thing found in countries that have nets for fruit bats.
Probably its this human error that has made Ebola such a big problem in west Africa with everyone overlooking it and passing on the problem as a false allegation. Those so many people may not have gotten sick with the proper procedure to handle Ebola patients instead we all blanketing the health care systems as the problem. We may all not be able to procure better advanced equipment to rival our neighbor however we can all manage to train our nurses properly and equip them with the right information


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