I don’t like Uganda’s legion of walking drunks #ugbloggers7days

English: A glass bottle of Clicquot Club Ginge...

English: A glass bottle of Clicquot Club Ginger Ale, the product for which the company was best known for. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I confess i like the drink, am from Uganda and we just like to drink  however i don’t like some traits from fellow drunks and please relax that why remove the feather in your eye that the log in your brothers eye bullshit misquoted intentionally. Its very common in my part of town to find full grown men moving around with small glass bottles filled with the magic drink walking around like they have arrived to the big good times. It becomes worse if the culprit is a major dealer in the area where deals are won using reputation not ability and we want to be spoken about not caring the least what they are actually speaking about us.
In my town there is this particular guy with a potbelly and no front teeth that when he smiles he looks like a monkey with no tail sorry for the insult but that’s what he looks. He holds the title “broker” dealing in land transactions so money is not problem which creates a small problems it elevates his ego that balloons his desire to exercise his rights  i.e. doing what he wants which is walking around with a bottle of alcohol sipping as he goes. Given the nature of his job money does not come every day however when it rains on a good deal it pours and so does his habits as he transforms from a random guy to you must see me pass by guy.
Now all that has no problem but the sight of him walking around with a bottle not only is it demeaning but its also stupid given his a dad  with three kids and two wives. Its like in school when broke kids got ice cream and walked around the whole class licking licking it for the next 30mins ensuring that every eye in the classroom had seen him and confirmed it there eyes. That’s what this guy is doing ensuring is doing so everyone appreciates how paid he is as he walks visiting every shop creating small conversation while ensuring he shakes the bottle as a reminder.  Sometimes he pockets it and only draws it out when he meets someone and his diluted memory tells him to pull out the bottle to show how happy he is and you are not, that his drinking while you are wishing.
I know its your right to express your new found wealth however you are abusing our right by expressing your stupidity in our faces in front of felloe drunks. Especially when they they keep nudging us that “see there goes your fellow drunk” its stupid.
Alcohol too has the false cloak of confidence it dresses these drunks in stupid arguments with somber minds leaving them with excuses like “if cement drinks water then what should i take?”” its good for a one off argument but if you are coding your life along that line of argument than you are a waste of living human space.


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