face book aint dead #UgBloggers7Days

A couple of months and the last few days friends have been hiring up my daily asking why i aint active on facebook any more. My quick snap answer has been that facebook is out dated and no longer the in thing. Now hold there and step in me the business man and guess what am selling the most…..opening new facebook pages for people.
Each day i get new faces asking me to guide them through how to join facebook. Excuse me sir; well done i want to open a facebook page for my school, myself or some poultry farm he just opened across the road.
They even pay an extra dime despite the fact facebook screams ‘free…..and it will always be……’ on the home page and they can all read or i presume since its there for all to see. It gets even more interesting when track drivers, builders and all the other lot come through asking you please check for me this person on the facebook. One lady came to me armed with an old 2000 shilling note folded in her crasp with fear painted across her face,

‘Excuse me sir, can you track for me this number’

‘what number i asked’

‘She then went ahead to read out a number and then reminded me how someone had reliably informed her it was very much possible to do it on facebook’  that’s the amount of power many have in facebook.

Unfortunately some don’t get what they want on facebook especially the names since many in my town are known only by their fist names or last names and at worst case scenario a nickname coupled with our poor education spellings are always off the mark. The comes the fake pronunciation which ends with facebook screaming no results reason being the person has never even opened a facebook account but just because he can access internet on his phone he assumes his registered already. The persons takes a deep deep breath before picking up there phone, calls the person but because the name is complicated and his mother tongue so strong he will hand you the phone to make sense of the rest.
The girl at the end of the phone we searching up meanwhile has a complicated name something like ‘…treno…..trisha or tricia……..’ that’s complicated right..cause i cant make of the names not only is it foreign but concocted too by combining two or more names from her favorite soap TV characters. Am scared of failing yet this man has all his faith in me like am technology god sleeve lobs i mean Steve jobs.
Hit search and am scared nothing will show up as facebook suggestions are screaming something else. Hit search the first time facebook knows no one by the names treno…..tricia. Disappointment clouds the guys face i see disappointment eating in my skunk but quick thinking bites really quick how about if we add an onto treno and alas her face pops up. The guy screams ear to ear meanwhile me am wondering whats the excitement these are just facebook pictures we are talking about here and not the real thing.
Her pictures meanwhile are studio poses with heavy touch of editing but this guy is convinced she is the one and instructs me to clear any thing concerning her when some dude he works with walks in which i oblige…..i need the dime you know.
But what’s he hiding just as i searched her up i bet anyone could discover her but wait her biological name is not tricia nor is it trenon and none of those loser guys out there is go find out. Now i see facebook you still carry few surprises for many who cant believe they are on the internet and now i have a daily customer just like that…….rent is covered just like that.


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