Late and disappointed at food and agriculture festival in #Uganda #UgBloggers7Days

food agriculture icon symbol

food agriculture icon symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have never been a firm believer in the phrase late comers eat bones until i late arrived at the food and agriculture festival. First i went to the wrong venue Kololo Airstrip as earlier advertised not that i didn’t read the posters clearly its one of my gross human weaknesses, they had transferred to the national theater and like all Ugandan events organizers they not taken the initiative to inform we the avid people attending the event given i hear there was free food thus by the time i trekked all way to national not only were the exhibitors leaving and packing up but the food was also finished except for random people at the tables.

2014-10-14 17.54.16 2014-10-14 17.54.07

empty plates were gleefully waiting for me

The place was literally abandoned except for a few people balancing up on the days sales, others were literally worn out from the days work and the number of used food packaging materials out numbered un used containers in a ratio of 5-to-1

.2014-10-14 17.55.39

sign posts were screaming what awaited us however the plates were half empty
Now if you are a bachelor and you here your neighbor its African tradition you arrive early armed with a portable container but not me i was from work across town in an area where there are no direct taxis  and had forgotten about it until the phone blinked at 3:00 AM.


one of the products on display at the event

At the event were dealers exhibiting beverage, wine made from honey both red and white wine, others were mushroom dealers training and processing items like porridge wonder how that tastes but i arrived late thus there was no chance of testing. At extreme end was bagiya and some exhibited fresh items like matooke and chicken. The flyers were readily available and i carried lots of them yet to read though and wonder when i am going to read them given my lazy reading habit. One down side i noticed was despite the posters being glossed with freshly cooked foods like malakwang, bo and the rest of luwombo none was on display and even though i arrived late atleast i expected some matooke leaves however even that was missing only muzungu fast food packaging materials were present even though the event was packaged to display Ugandan foods at least that’s what the posters read.
Like all exhibitions mass media was heavily present with a website like a directorate and a magazine only covering only agriculture. Since its the inaugural event hope to arrive early for the next event and also come with my portable container hoping am not married by them and hope it will be better planned with a better DJ too the one at the event played the most boring songs in his collection. We know Agriculture is not the coolest thing to a youth but the DJ should not add extra pain onto the ears with fake combination of music.


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