Police are represented as villains but never as human beings any where

A silhouette showing a police officer striking...

A silhouette showing a police officer striking a person, symbolising police brutality. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the Ferguson incidents created a wild fire of opinions from all sorts of “informed heads” experts and non-experts on the matters of security and one thing was striking out we just love to play the victims forgetting even the other party involved I presume is also the victim. There was never a time the police man was cut some slack for whatever happened but the fact that he was a killer in police uniform armed with a gun licensed and paid for by the government. Away from the Americans who saw it as a human rights abuse when tear gas was thrown at them yet we Ugandan have been drenched not once but several times by all types of tear gas for even the slightest of problems however when reports air on TV its always the police in the wrong even after several times that the place step forward to clarify on the issue I remember one incident when a police man was hit on the head by a stone thrown by a rioter he died a sick man and liability to the police force no one in the civil service ever came to his rescue but I can mention people that civil service has ran to the rescue over minor incidents.

last night police men where sharing their experiences on one talk show about what it means to walk around with a gun and operate against a sea of litigation measures that he has to obey before he pulls the trigger against a criminal whose only law is don’t get caught or you will rot in prison. Nobody ever feels sorry for the man behind the trigger the emotional. Psychological state his left in after pulling the trigger I know many policemen who have retired without even pulling the trigger even once in their whole careers so the day he pulls one his not very much different from me the civilian no wonder many of them have to go for multiple refresher course. These are people who spend most of their time among civilians unlike the army who are secluded away from public view thus pick up civilian habits but little care is awarded to them after pulling the trigger to re arrange their psychological state back to normal. while as the American police man had the luxury of seeing a psychologist, having to take days off without his gun after an incident the African police on the other hand its business as usual. After a shooting incident there is a fat chance you will see the same policeman the next day on patrol holding his gun, serving like nothing happened. the only counseling they get from their superiors is are you injured boy nothing more than that while all those injured at the hands of so-called police brutality will spend the rest of the next few days crying foul at the government. so we don’t know in what state these guys are in while on duty no wonder there are many incidents of policemen and army men shooting their own spouses in Uganda yet if a civilian shoots their wife civil service sector will be accusing the government of not providing enough legislation to protect women but there is no legislation to ensure that the policeman on duty is always in the right state of mind even before he wears his uniforms. you could say this partly police I movies are represented either as heroes or villains and not human beings who do things depending on the state of mind they are in at that very moment.

then there is the language used in the media to report incidents it quickly changes from “POLICEMAN SHOOTS UN-ARMED TEENAGER” to “WHITE POLICEMAN SHOOTS BALCK TEENAGER” which begs the question at want point does the shooting become racial or is it the mindset we have that the government is white out to oppress the black folk because I don’t know many blacks who want to join the police to “serve the government” yet its cooler to oppose its every step. in Uganda where we don’t have white vs black its normally “POLICE SHOOTS DOWN OPPOSITION” yet half of those rioting don’t even know how to get fully registered to their political party of choice but that’s how the story will be reported as “POLICE VS US” because we just like to play the victim not once but all the time.


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