The death of the x factor in football rivalry

Dirk Kuyt and Xabi Alonso

Dirk Kuyt and Xabi Alonso (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t really pick out the one thing that attracted me to Manchester united, but I know there is a reason that gets me early to the nearest video hall even though last night the club lost 4 to nothing putting amidst the most inept performance somehow am always back to the stadium supporting screaming my lungs dry. So last night I was all buzzing about dead line day transfers refreshing my browser every couple of minutes to be kept in the loop in what’s going until news started trending that Danny Welbeck was headed to Arsenal Football Club and for some reason my appetite was lost and gone. I turned off the modem plugged in a dvd and slipped on an un expected journey with the dwarves and The hobbit all the banter about his past inept performances for Manchester united all flew out of the India.

I mean what happened to the days when you would never expect arsenal to lend Manchester united a missing cone that is used in training I mean I am not calling onto violence on another party but we shouldn’t be seen helping them in the long run neither the short term. If he chooses to help me that is there problem however as for me I shouldn’t be seen helping him. My rivalry with Arsenal isn’t even about the trophies we have won and the length arsenal has had to wait for a trophy while we have been winning but that x factor the one thing that attracts me to supporting Manchester united and these counts even when Arsenal is in relegation or its Manchester united. I remember sir Alex Ferguson threaten to delegate Gabriel Heinze to the reserves if he didn’t stop that talk of switching to Liverpool and yet at this time Manchester united was the undisputed king of football in England but Ferguson still said no and that was a statement of never ever being seen helping the other guys. Take for example the bundes liga heavily dominated by Bayern munichen, it’s one thing to watch them taking the league however knowing the fact they came to your stadia and failed to beat you or that you snatched a point off them than watching a former player of your club no matter how bad they were score the winning goal.

I aint blaming footballers to them it’s a business playing for the highest bidder and so are the CEO’s who sanction these deals but there was a time football had a face when someone and to say no to certain propositions like players transferring to a rival by turning a blind eye Sir Alex Ferguson style not the treachery that is paraded openly in the Siera A of Italy, those days when players personified clubs and matches all day if someone mentioned arsenal then your brains swung to names like Thiery Henry, Bergkamp, Viera and on the other side it was Keane, Scholes, Giggs and these didn’t bring goals, trophies but they personified the club as a whole that boundary between them and us. However today its  common for a player to score the winning goal today then wake up tomorrow scoring for the other rival and putting on a show of not celebrating that’s why I salute players like Xabi Alonso, Dimitar Berbatov who refused the attractions of the rival club because rival isn’t about trophies it’s the passionate dislike you have for the other teams, a way of protecting your legacy in the hearts of millions of adoring fans no wonder am very comfortable sending Rooney to say hull city than see his boots at Chelsea Football Club or the other teams that appear on the top four. I feel sorry for the future fan who happens to be my kid when they go out to buy their favorite footballers autobiography, gone will be lines like “I asked CEO of club X to buy this club if he wants me to play for him” instead there will be excuses of “they lied to me”, sea of empty promises that were broken that forced them to move instead of going abroad because today’s footballer is heavily self-centered.


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