Glazers Using Debt To Hold Club Ransom

Over the last few days I have been bombarded by debate left right and center as to whether united over paid for Di Maria. Well the answer is no given the clubs spending over the last few years one can think Di Maria has been under paid for better still given that united have been spending elsewhere this looks like a welcome sign finally the money is going where it’s supposed to go.


I heard someone ask why pay $99 million on one player yet the club is carrying the mother of all debts in English football and my answer is have the owners showed any love or interest to cut that debt over the last foreseeable years??? Definitely not at all given that united is one of the lists of clubs that get paid astronomical figures by sponsors to carry a logo, use a pen I mean these guys are paid to for everything they do. It’s a debate I had with my old man to which he asked,

“Son, would you date a woman who is heavily pregnant with another man’s child???”

Hell no was my answer without a blink of an eye for there is no way am caring for another man’s pregnant wife it’s one thing to care for someone’s child but to care for it even when it’s still in the womb nope that’s never happening. To which my old man said well that’s the scenario the Glazers have created at united they know no one wants to invest millions in a club and the first changes he has to make is clear off another man’s debt.

debt graph since takeover

Imagine the negations putting into perspective that the debts were saddled onto the club by the Glazers not the club misspending in the transfer market like other clubs in debt. So I presume the millions will go the private Glazers accounts on top of the premium that they will ask to let go of the club. This they definitely using this debt to keep the vultures at arm’s length far away from the Club as possible because if united were the lady of your heart and the debt was the pregnancy the Glazers on the woman of your life I guess the interest would be killed by now because how you explaining to your kids that the pregnancy isn’t yours.


More proof that the Glazers aren’t committed to cutting this debt a few months ago united ran back to the stock exchange a few years after they had fled from it and the result a cool $250m in the bank and these weren’t even first class shares but B-class shares that wouldn’t have a say in the board room if there was voting taking place. However that’s not the problem but the issue is where did that $250m go because I know it didn’t go to selling seats in Old Trafford nor was it spent on players but it was diverted to Glazers private spending meaning these guys aren’t committed to cutting this debt but I surely using it as ransom against future buyers of the club or anyone opposed to their ownership, remember the $100+ millions from the sale of Ronaldo it went where this also went to because it definitely didn’t go to signing new players at all but to lining their greedy pockets. Look at what Wenger did at Arsenal it may not have been the best of policies because it meant a few trips to the wilderness in the short term but every year at the annual general meeting the debt was presented with a smaller figure year after year even though the need for a marquee signing grew louder and louder and now they are enjoying the fruits of their patience you can’t say the same of united the debt has been almost the same form the time the same into the driving seat at the club. So the signing of Di Maria looks more like welcome relief than money thrown at the wind or interest on a loan that doesn’t do the actual playing of football on the field thank you until next time as the Glazers would probably look at it as money wasted not invested.


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