funny Christians read the words in the bible but don’t hear the words or think about the words

English: religion - composition old bible book...

English: religion – composition old bible books from Hungary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As an atheist I find no need for religion and this is of my choosing. At the same time I feel that if a man or woman seeks any religion that they should be able to practice the religion of their choice and do it freely. Now I say freely and I also mean freely where it applies to non-religious people as well. Religion should be something that you practice where your heart and mind come to find peace and a degree of purity. The unfortunate part is that peace and purity seems to be lost right now for a lot of folks preaching religion. Maybe if we all found a little forgiveness for what was done in the past and purified your selves of what was done then and looked with open eyes at our fellow man of today then maybe more people would see that it’s not the past they live in. They live in today and today is what you make it.

When I was a young boy and I do mean a young boy I was sent to church every Sunday. I did the Sunday school thing and listed to the words of the fellow up front and sang the songs. That was all fine and dandy but something hit me (I was about 11 years old), if god exist and god is all mighty and all-knowing then why do you have to go to a place to be with god. Why do I need to listen to someone preach for god. God created the world he created everything on the earth. Words mean nothing to god; actions would though if I am right. In the same way that if god created a man and another man took his life. Who gave the right on a man to take the life of a man that god created? I’m sure that if god wanted this person gone then he would have removed him from the earth.

We read the words but we don’t hear the words or think about the words. God created everything and he knows we have faults. He made us this way, the man that listens to the words and goes home and beats his wife or kids. The man that listens to the words then goes out and steals. The man that listens to the words then does everything that he shouldn’t do. If god wanted perfection he would not have put us on the earth. No one on this earth is perfect but some strive for it and while they seem perfect there is always a little flaw somewhere. So to end this sepal let me conclude with this. God will do what god wants done, god doesn’t need us to do the bidding and if someone is saying god wants it done….look for the peace and purity that god wanted man to get from religion and if it is a peaceful thing or something that brings true purity in the heart and mind and will make you feel like you did something with your life many years down the road when your old and gray then please partake of it…if its not then tell the person to go back and talk to god and let him know that god forgives him.

My only hope for humanity is that in the not so distant future, we will be able to distance the human race from the great religious swindle which was founded on human ignorance and the need to explain the unknown world. While religion has powerful cultural and anthropomorphic associations to our civilization, we need to move past this irrational bickering and pool our resources for more pressing issues.


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