From me to you….it can make us all stupid one time too many

First Love 432489a

First Love 432489a (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So a client passed by late in the night to type out this heartfelt letter to his lover calling an end to their steamy romance. As he typed i paid no attention until i read through all that he was saying…read to your heats and pass judgment

I know   you’re hurting and you have been hurting so much for along time now. But to think it’s all on my side is unfair. You have been not only my girl friend but also my best friend among all the people I know. There’s nothing I can do to make the tears and the worries or the nightmares you have made me go through. All I can do is to be here and hold a hand on my chin thinking of the great love I had for you from the first time I set my eyes upon you. I ain’t meaning that I no longer adore you but I can’t continue feeling this way because the way you make me hurt  is to much beyond which I can with hold. Possibly you’re too much for me to handle also to continue pretending to be in love with you is a humiliation to my personality.

We have been treading softly in this journey of love under mining the issue of compatibility  I have been holding up my patience expecting you to change but  what I have seen is that some things are inborn  perhaps it’s the reason why you will never change. Literally you are a deceit and are not afraid to tell that to you. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do  is to tell you  that the known as you and me forever is now left in the books of history .Being in love with you has been a great fountain of joy and happiness to my life since my existence


All in all I wish you peace

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