Un-Impossible Season

2013_05_080010_7h - David Noise replaces Alex ...

2013_05_080010_7h – David Noise replaces Alex Ferguson (Photo credit: Gwydion M. Williams)

I will start off with a long long sigh something more synonymous with the Mersey side sigh after another fruitless EPL campaign. If there is anything you ever wanted to do and never did it probably you need to take that steve gerrard retirement he slipped on ever winning an EPL medal. Liverpool punched and punched till the final day for the title only to get ko-ed out of the campaign with a slip. Suarez banged goals upon goal but forgot to bang against the big boys making the 35 goal a season target an impossible dream. Fortunately they promise to come back stronger and stronger though I am forced to ask does thunder strike the same place twice my English teacher needs a salary rise to remind be how that is completed sensibly. Meanwhile the blue half was a certain guy flattering to deceive as he pushed for the champion’s league slot only show his average-ness at the end of it all after all hi cv boasted of an FA cup nicked under the nose of Manchester city given his season has been branded a success and Moyes managed to complete a copy of his previous seasons points tally so that leaves Martinez just a few points better than the latter….how bad.

Chelsea lived up to their billing as the little horse and to complete their billing even procuring their excuses as early as December diverting everyone’s attention with knock jibes like specialist in failure to a certain French man who got drenched in beer celebrating an actual trophy not those funny looking things like top 4 finish, emirates cup. Well that shirtless jibe will need correcting now given someone is heading into his third straight season trophy less…………….and I spelt that right. The picture of him shirtless shows you just how long he had taken to actually feel a trophy that he had even forgotten how to celebrate when he finally won it every time he got thrown in the air he screamed is this how heaven feel? Only problem arsenal swapped a 9 year trophy drought with $60 million in wages for the professor average can be expensive sometimes.

Ooops blimey my etiquette to forget to mention the actual champion see the problem there were so many im-possibles to fill the season that sometimes he who finally won the championship didn’t count to save the least like Moyes taking over the biggest job in the land, him getting sacked before even blowing the first anniversary of his six year contract I could go on forever, united failing to even qualify for the lowest European league place forget the champions league not even Europa and am left to gape at was the problem the quality of playing staff at united or Moyes for somebody really need to take the blame here.

Across the board Guardiola got stick for under achieving after his team got beaten 5-nil on aggregate by one dimensional real Madrid yet the final seasons count reads 5+ trophy’s in his debut season that shows the man’s im-possible standards yet Moyes who was losing to bottom half teams in the second half of the table ‘deserved time??’ am leaving this ere it makes no sense whatsoever.

In Italy and French the respective teams rolled onto the next title while the opposition flattered to deceive there was no difference between the guy at the bottom and that guy at the in second place. Meanwhile in la liga Diego Simeone lived up to his tag line they will hate to play us ask Barcelona even the super cup won at the start of the season was a fluke on away goals rule winning the trophy at the camp nou…………yep I said it right the camp nou. Real Madrid flattered to deceive even sprinting Bale couldn’t keep them in the race if Benitez is a cup specialty cue up Carlo Ancelotti in an 18 year career his there are only 3 domestic league titles wonder of he will keep his job if la decimal slips away from his hands the stats aren’t in his favor every time countries from the same league have met the guy who finished above the other in the domestic league went on to rule the day. While I go around with impossible lets wait and see if something impossible will happen in the world cup I aren’t even catching feelings for the world cup theme song some not impossibly right


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