A Ugandans understanding of the ‘right to be forgotten’

Google Chrome

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So some random court from far away took time off to make judgment claiming some Spanish dude had the right to force Google to stop linking him to some fishy events that happened several years ago. Well he got his big break because it had the whole world talking about it even the guy behind this blog the excuse being his name carried the fishy events which was ruining his reputation since it was irrelevant.

To understand this I will take three scenarios, those dreaded yellow T-shirt clad KCCA law enforcement spies whose work is to spread everything we hustle for, the ladies who sell the thigh stuff as street vendors and then come the guys who shop from the trader. So you leave office on the day your employer remembers to wet your pockets with your salary. As you stroll down Kampala’s potholed roads your eye catches that good long legs sold by the vendor and you go picking money from your bag to pay the vendor. Many years after you are now shopping from up town mazima mall or acacia mall in uptown Kampala then a picture pops up and suddenly people are talking about how you used to shop off the dump stands when they search up your name. Stuck between a rock and a hard place you go reporting those who are talking about you by trying to mitigate what they say which raises the question.

Question is should you be shooting the messenger or the act of you buying thigh long time ago and now you are pretending you have the right to be forgotten. As a messenger which is Google here all it does is picking the data from somewhere and bring it to the guy who needs it should you take down the vendor buying act instead? This is because even the guy who is in authority does not draw the line because if Google doesn’t pick it how about the other guys who were drunken walking a distance saw you buying stuff will you block them too? Who says this is irrelevant to and what does he use to judge that buying thigh is irrelevant to the picture you are now throwing at us as a changed man?

Then why do you kill the messenger but keep the original guy who has the picture of you buying thigh because I bet the next rumor monger will pick on it? The ruling too says the search result won’t bear the person’s name however if you search a topic around buying thigh there is a chance that the victim’s name pops up so what’s the difference either way the guy who wants to cut you down will always link you to the info that appears in the search result I smell us running in circles.

Let’s say Google accepts to cut down the information what’s the chance some dude who messed up our taxes isn’t doing some internet surgery and photo shopping who he actually is. A politician organizes a seminar at our school and takes away everything like desks; spoons and blankets then come back on campaign day promising to give us desks, spoons and blankets if we vote him into power. All this happening because the messenger Google here was requested by mister politician to take away this information. We live in a world where these guys white wash any thing that makes them dirty so wont we the voters be let down by the one tool that we could use to profile mister politician and so are the millions of scammers out there waiting to manipulate search results.

Last week for example a friend of mine who was a member of the now defunct telexfree craze his highly paid job was brought to a sudden end it closed shop suddenly like any other Ponzi scheme days before I joined. Just days before I had taken time to run a back ground check on what it is, its operations and reputation on whether its legit and I wonder if I would have gotten it a Ponzi scheme because with the right to be forgotten it would have simply asked Google don’t show this info about so please you right to be forgotten campaigners do the simple thing abstain from the internet and don’t upload your rubbish instead of eating the forbidden fruit then crying foul.

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