Moment of truth as teams get punished for sleeping on duty

The English Premier League Trophy on Display i...

The English Premier League Trophy on Display in the Manchester United Meseum (Photo credit: edwin.11)

It’s funny how the mighty fall and times change like the season all with no reason most of the time but our failure to read the signs ahead. There was a time not long ago when arsenal football club were the destined champions with the ball in that canon launcher on their club chest but now are scrapping for a top 4 finish a whole three steps down the ladder. The times have changed so bad that even a game against a lowly wigan has arsenal not so sure they will make it to live another day until lady luck.

Flipping the map up in Manchester there was time when the talk was its Manchester united they can’t fail to compete for the league to whispers from the players of I am desperate to play in the Europa league a situation made harder by the fact that the other two wild card positions have been taken by sundeland and hull city leaving united to fend for themselves if they are to make it to Europe.

Across the blue half of Manchester things aint looking any rosier at all from diarrhoeting goals at one point in the season to a case of constipating just one or two here and there. I remember pre the curling cup game all talk was bring on Barcelona as we chase the quadruple but times have changed so fast it took a city player for them to part company with the premiership and like the rest of the teams above are praying for a miracle to pass through.

Chelsea Football club are looking like the only player who will win the league for another team not for themselves because any points they gather will only lead to another team taking center. The little horse in the title race is now playing king maker and it can win the title for either Liverpool or man city but not the rent boys hovering at Stamford bridge and how embarrassing it will be for Liverpool and man city if goal shy Chelsea happen to take the trophy off their goal galore.

The other pretenders to the crown Everton are in a precarious position of finishing fourth or dwindling down to seventh place on the table provided they don’t win their matches against the two Manchester clubs all the praise heaped on Roberto Martinez will turn into waste water for the cows. And a special shout out to Steve Bruce for dragging the black cats to the FA cup final that semifinal game was a thriller with no Michael Jackson and Tony Pulis the crystal palace manger I bet he could prevent that Malaysian plane from going missing or that Korean ferry from capsizing not with what his done at that club and the rest are pretenders just as Pirlo painted it out in his book and it’s a great read too just get your hands on it till next time.

UEFA Champion league review

The UEFA champions league holds such a spiritual divine blood line of sorts with how teams play and draws are held until the last day when we have two games between the finest provided the ac Milan vs Juventus final is forgotten. The semifinal draws were held and they played out such a balanced fair that’s if you are a purist.

One semifinal has been heralded as a chess game within a chase game matching some the best tactical brains of this generation whose teams are normally referred to as having played well if the score line reads 1 nill. Like Pirlo put their philosophy is results over style and if you had chance to watch both teams dispatch their quarterfinal opponents it has a lot to say with Atletico Madrid doing enough to stop Barcelona’s famed passing game while turning the goal posts into Barcelona’s best defender on the night. On the flip side while PSG where busy tweeting about the game Chelsea were licking their palms waiting for the kill and it came in the form of a randomly used Senegalese Ba. So playing against each other in the semifinals won’t produce many goals but one this si for sure he who deserves to win will take it on the day. I still lean on Atlectico Madrid to win it for me given the last couple of winners have needed to dispatch Barcelona to do it given the Champions league runs on history and hates re-inventing the wheel.

The other side we have two teams that if I could use the words leapt into the semifinal places given the superb season and score lines they have been posting on their boards. Bayern playing against a numb Manchester united we all expected a modern day white wash however with better finishing probably the story would have been different regardless of the score given their equalizers also came at such critical moments of the game. Back in the league having been imperious all season all of a sudden Bayern have racked in three defeats although one would say there was nothing to play for but this Bayern they are beating. On the other side is real Madrid who despite a couple of glitches here and there surely made it difficult for themselves against Dortmund given they put three past them in the first leg and only looked like themselves until coach Ronald pulled out his coaching badge. If both teams play to their strength one with clinical finishing and counter attacking we are in for a goals galore however like they both showed at the quarter final stage they can mean to throw it away. He who will make it past to the semifinal I guess we will see in the first leg.

Lastly not a big fun of the Europa league although the Benfica Vs Juventus matchup is being set up as a true test of what the Torin side has in their Arsenal.

Domestic leagues

The Germany league was wrapped up a couple of months ago but begs the question was there a lot of sleeping on duty that enabled Bayern Munichen to run away with the league given in the last few weeks it’s been proven that they are actually beatable. The likes of Leverkusen did a lot of pretending all this season while Bayern took off with the trophy.

The serie A still dogged by lack of competition even AS Roma and Napoli big spending can’t get them an inch closer to Juventus, AC Milan are resurgent but how far can they punch above their weight before it all comes falling down once again.

In the French league all teams set up to achieve what they planned to do with one making sure it don’t lose the league while the other finally qualifying for the champions league hopefully I will see more completion in the league soonest.

In la liga finally Barcelona are paying the price for playing too comfortable in the transfer market and are finally beatable after a long time of patching up cracks with that tick taka playing style. With Matino Tata tweaking a few things Barcelona look out of sorts in every department.

Finally in the English premier league its stepping up to that Arguerooooooooooooo moment of two seasons ago provided Liverpool fc don’t dispatch Mourinhos little horse. If they don’t let them all grow their nails long enough so they have enough to chew off when the final game of the season comes by. While the mean league below the top three is also being set up to a lot of position changing if teams don’t buckle up for the final haul.

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