Is ‘thank god for what I have’ the religious way of saying I have failed to achieve my goals.

Dove representation in the Baptism of Christ b...

Dove representation in the Baptism of Christ by Pietro Perugino, circa 1498 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Late last night after another day of frustrations and burnt hopes a friend sent me a text message short and precise one for that matter. If you can’t thank god for what you are thank him for what you are not!! Of course it was written with all the positive energy he could master so I guess but it had me asking what that statement means. Of course we are naturally supposed to be thankful for what we have to yours truly but reading through the wording I see frustration embedded in it.

As the receipt, was the sender trying to pass to me a silent message that he had failed to achieve what he was chasing and to sum up his frustration he did what every man does amidst failure. Remember to blame someone and in this case it was God but instead it was more of a positive blame in which he was saying I have failed to achieve but until further notice I will pretend I appreciate everything you have given to me before no matter it is in quantifiable forms.

I mean if you are on the brink of achieving a bigger goal say winning a city tender would you be thankful of that little cleaning contract from the little Indian duuka from around the corner. However if it so happened to be that you missed the contract and your wife asked how work I bet with all frustration painted on his face their would be a chance that she would be claiming that well honey lets be thankful for what we have in this case the little contract from the Indian duuka far smaller than what would be from the municipal coffers.

Back a few years I was a little boy when I used to go to church. The church community had an agreed upon answer to every question among the church goers especially those I knew who were not wealthy to the level of other members. One would come up with ‘I am graduating this year’ and the answer would be…….thank God I am happy for but in actual sense there was no glimmer that even himself was going or going close to signing to the local university and to sock up this disappointment they always closed conversations with thank God. These greetings were always covered in sad smiles among those sharing them in the pretence that everything is fine.

In church the pastor always ensured he ended each Holy Ghost statement with a ‘thank God’ or something around that line even though it was plain clear half the congregation was not even going to achieve half the things he was promising them. That talk of plant this to rip that always had a way of flying from one ear to another and to cloud this reality the congregation somehow choruses


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